Wedding expenses: reasonable economy

Wedding expenses: reasonable economy
 Wedding - the most exciting and memorable day in the life. Of course, you want to make this event memorable and luxurious. However, we must also think about the financial side. There are a few secrets that will help you navigate the pre-wedding bustle and significantly reduce costs.

Newlyweds should certainly look stunning, but it does not necessarily stand in line for a world-renowned designers. You can walk through the bridal salon, where you will probably pick up a dress that meets everyone's needs, or refer to the beginning of local designers who sew for you perfect and unique outfits. And if you buy wedding shoes in the winter, but not in the warm season, it will cost you much less.

Need to carefully think about who to invite to such an important ceremony for you. It often happens that the bride and groom did not even familiar with a good half of the guests. If in the banquet hall will present only the relatives and friends of people, it can greatly improve the atmosphere of celebration, will be liberated and relax, thus saving a decent amount.

Do not forget about your friends, who will be happy to help, for example, in the design of the banquet hall, decorated cars, and anyone of them can probably easily replace the toastmaster. And remember that if you find some cozy restaurant in a residential area, but not in the city center, you will be pleasantly surprised by the difference in price.

If arranged with the restaurant, some of the food and drinks you will be allowed to bring with them. And highlighting denёk or two to travel around the city, you can easily find any distribution center or market where you can buy all this interest in the ten or fifteen cheaper than the supermarket. By the way, some accessories, decorations for the hall, cars and the like trifle too profitable to buy the same, but not in specialized stores.

It is also important not to overdo it with the size of the cake (only if you are not going to put into the dancing girl). It's a treat to be ordered at the rate of 100-150 grams per person, which will be enough to cake looked impressive, all the guests were well fed, and you are not puzzled why a third of the cake after the banquet remained intact.

One more thing: if you do not principled wedding day, then everything will cost much cheaper on a weekday. This applies to the photographer, video capture, transport and much more. Save wisely!

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