Wedding dance ... 5 Reasons to execute it

Wedding dance ... 5 Reasons to execute it
 Little girl in the mirror trying on my mother's dress and high heels. She dreams of a fairy-tale prince who swallow it in dance. Young girl dressing up for school parties, waiting for an invitation to dance from the very, very best classmate. And now the bride chooses a dress and is the guest list. The program is an unforgettable celebration sure to include wedding dance. At the bride and groom have at least five reasons to perform it.

The reason is the most important - the dream must come true. Wedding - a very romantic event. Even if your feelings for each other were tested for years, wedding will be remembered forever. Now you go through life not alone, but with an expensive hand man. You dreamed about this day, may be doubted, but have planned and waited for him. Let the birthday of your family will be beautiful. Today you are the king and queen of the ball. And your first dance!

The second reason - thank each other. Certainly, in the last days before the wedding, you have been very busy. Fitting dresses and suits, Banqueting services, ticket booking for the honeymoon, hen and stag - pleasant chores. But the time to be together, you almost was not. Wedding dance - perhaps a little to be alone in this exciting day. Love each other. Smile. Nashepchite kind words. Hear recognition in return. Now you near the most expensive man, the second half of your family. Tell him for this "thank you".

Reason Three - share the joy. On the wedding day you are surrounded by friends and family, friends and colleagues. They approve of your choice and share your joy. Give guests an unforgettable wedding dance. On the plain language - the language of dance - tell them how happy you are. Give a chance to enjoy the beauty of your family. The first dance of the newlyweds should be the culmination of the most memorable moment of the wedding celebration.

Reason Four - continue the family tradition. To family life was long and happy, you need to perform all the rituals: the bride price, girlfriends throw the bouquet, move his young wife over the threshold of the house. Wedding Dance - also an important moment of triumph. Guests are eager to admire the newlyweds. You especially will please everyone by choosing to dance tune under which danced at her wedding your parents. And somebody touched, be sure to shout "bitter" or break the glass "for luck."

The reason for the fifth, but no less important - to show individuality. Unusual wedding ceremony - not a reason to abandon the wedding dance. Thinking through the nuances of the event, consider the place of celebration and its main motif. In the same style of music and pick Teach dance steps. For classic wedding with a long dress of the bride and groom tuxedo is perfect Viennese waltz. On the retro-fitting wedding sensual tango or, on the contrary, carefree foxtrot.

Experimenting, do not lose a sense of proportion, because your wedding dance should be remembered as a poetic declaration of love.

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