The proposal to apply to the registrar of the women ...

The proposal to apply to the registrar of the women ...
 Since time immemorial custom, that gender relations initiative can only come from men. Girl first showed an interest in the guy, tell him about your feelings, risked ruining his reputation and cast a shadow on the entire family. But times have changed, and now it is not considered shameful, at least in many countries. However, when it comes to status weaker sex is still waiting for initiatives from the strong. The idea that a man can say: "And do not go to the registrar for us, to write a letter? "- Women seem immodest, even shocking.
 All people are different. Not always, men are powerful, energetic, resolute, and women - a modest, shy. It happens exactly the opposite situation, when a man has a calm, delicate, even slightly shy character, and at the same time he is a worthy, honest man. Had his close friend should pass his happiness just because a man does not dare to utter the most necessary words? So why not take the initiative in their hands, not to offer him: "Is not it time for us to the registrar a statement? "There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, reprehensible. In the end, now really is not the old days!

There are also situations where older and more experienced partner, your lover. In this case, if it firmly believes in his, and his feelings, she is quite capable to take the initiative in their own hands. She has more life experience, it can play a leading role. But, of course, we must not show contempt for the partner: I decided, so be it.

There are men with a heightened self-esteem, a strong sense of self-esteem. For them, any failure - it is a tragedy. Therefore, they often simply afraid to ask for a woman's hand, they subconsciously tormented by the fear that they will give up, put in an awkward position, and it would be too painful. In such cases, women also may well take the initiative and either plain text or clear transparent hint to make it clear that it would not hurt to visit the Wedding Palace.

The main thing - do not be afraid and do not be shy. We are talking about personal happiness. But, of course, first woman must weigh the "pros" and "cons", and to take this step only if it is certain fortress mutual feelings.

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