Sapphire wedding

Sapphire wedding
 Every passing year in couples has its own meaning and interpretation. The longer married life, the more the meaning of the name wedding anniversary. 45 years of marriage - is a special date, tested and tempered by time. No wonder it styled sapphire wedding.

45th wedding anniversary suggests that the relationship between a pair of strong and well-established. Spouses at a glance and a glance to understand each other, so the relationship is called transparent and clean, the same as a sapphire stone. Reliability and durability - that's synonymous this wedding anniversary. When looking for a couple who have lived together for so many years, any person with tears of emotion and joy for them.

Traditionally sapphire wedding - a family holiday. The celebration of the invited only the closest people to anniversaries: relatives, but not excluded to friends and colleagues, in particular, when the couple continue to work and at the same time working in the same organization. The organization of the festival, as a rule, take the kids anniversaries. To celebrate the triumph of the best outside the home, as the number of visitors require a large space. Special guests 45 wedding anniversary - witnesses, if they have the opportunity to attend the ceremony, they also celebrate, congratulate and give gifts, because they "helped" seal the union couples anniversaries.

After 45 years of marriage, the spouses have everything you need. Therefore, choosing a gift for them to take seriously, first of all, from the desire to make a pleasant surprise or leave something memorable. For example, children may give parents a ticket to the rest as a "honeymoon", you can make a film about their lives, including in it a particularly memorable and significant events.

As for the heroes of the day, they exchanged wedding rings updated, in which recovers sapphire - a symbol of the holiday. Such a gift is not only beautiful, but also useful, thanks to the healing properties of sapphire, which he attributed. The main advantage of etogokamnya - removal of nervous tension and stress, which is important for the elderly.

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