Paper Wedding

Paper Wedding
 In the second year of a joint family life, the couple decided to celebrate the wedding of the paper. Marriage in this period is still very fragile and can break like a piece of paper. Therefore, it is important to treat marriage seriously and reverently, avoiding empty quarrels.

During the two years of marriage, the couple well enough to know each other. Is the distribution of household responsibilities, identifies habits and preferences. In the second year of marriage, after identifying strengths, weaknesses of each of the spouses begins lapping characters. Namely, in the second year of family life to love starts to add a sense of respect for the opinions and feelings of the person with whom you want to associate a lifetime.

Two years of living together is a measure of a strong relationship between the spouses, and even with family and friends. It is in this period when lapping characters need real help and support of friends and relatives.

Note paper wedding can be clothed couple in paper clothes. Each other can give a declaration of love on postcards or paper products.

Most often, the second wedding anniversary celebrate outdoors, special requirements to the place of celebration is not, however, should decorate it with paper garlands and figures. Near the spouses have to be a bird of happiness figurine, made of wood. Script wedding paper can be issued in the form of a friendly meeting.

Gifts for the Wedding Anniversary must be paper, but welcome and glass. Beautiful and original paintings, photo album, calendar with the image of the couple, Glassware - all this can be a wonderful gift. Also, you can give the necessary for life book, or tickets to travel.
At the moment it became very popular gifting spouses to each other, a fan of banknotes. After all, wealth in the family must also be.

For the holiday table can cook a variety of dishes, as long as it were paper napkins and glasses.

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