Marriage to a foreigner: in search of the perfect partner

Marriage to a foreigner: in search of the perfect partner
 Marriage to a foreigner attracts some women, because it has a number of advantages. In particular, such a marriage provides an opportunity to take up permanent residence in another country, without encountering difficulties related to the purchase of property and paperwork.
 To find a suitable foreign husband, first you need to understand why you need it. The reasons can be many: a desire to move to another country, to find a rich husband, who can provide his wife a luxurious life, love to the citizens of certain countries due to the peculiarities of their mentality and so on. It is the correct definition of the main goals will help you choose the right husband.

If you are looking for a rich husband, pay attention to the Americans, Germans, French, Italians and others. Keep in mind here that residents of some countries, particularly Germany, are not inclined to tranzhirstvo. In short, if you dream of a life of luxury, pay attention to rich foreigners who are willing to spend money on yourself and loved ones, flaunt in different costumes and buy luxury cars and expensive yachts. It is, as a rule, the French and Italians. But if your goal - quality and expensive education for the child, not the opportunity to live in luxury, but not in need to have a good home and a reliable car, then you should choose a more economical and disciplined men - the Germans, the British and others.

Dreaming to find a man with whom you can find the family fortune, pay attention primarily on the mentality, as well as the information given in the application potential suitors. Of course, people are individuals, but have certain national characteristics that are inherent in men of any country. For example, in Italy you can find a passionate husband, who will carry you on their hands and give a small but nice gifts, and in America - family man whose wife and children are the center of the universe and the meaning of life.

Another thing, if you have carefully studied the cultural, religious and social characteristics of a country and now want to go there for permanent residence. In this case, you should only consider candidates who live in the country you are interested or even in a particular city. But in an effort to realize his dream and move, do not rush. Carefully read the form of men and choose, slowly, otherwise the risk to make mistakes and to link their lives with a partner who does not suit you perfectly.

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