Love after marriage: big changes

Love after marriage: big changes
 Wedding - is not just a happy event in the life of each new pair, but also to test their love. After all, life before and after this point as if divided into two completely different worlds: the relationship between change and take other forms. And it is very difficult to understand and accept that the new form does not mean other content.  

At first glance, after the wedding, everything remains the same - mutual adoration, romance, happiness ... All this gives life a new "cell of society" and in the first months after the wedding. But after a while the emotional wave of enthusiasm faced with a wall of life and is declining. Sometimes it is too hard, and the family is on the verge of collapse.

This is due to unexpected and unprepared young for such changes. Despite the fact that most of them know that a new phase of their lives will be associated with completely different interests, occupations, relationships, in practice, most tests is helpless.

If before the wedding it was two people exist in two, though overlapping, but different worlds, but now they have formed a couple living in one world. Separate spheres of interest exist, but they are inside it. Everyone is trying to bring in this new world of particles originated habitual way, build it on his own understanding.

Not surprisingly, this leads to confusion and misunderstanding, because every man in his own way is what should be the ideal way of life, what family priorities should be. Lifestyle, habits, occupation - all individually. But there is only so before the wedding, after the wedding there are strong changes: in your every decision you have to focus on the other person, your soul mate.

Not all this becomes a problem, but the need to address domestic issues in a sense reduces the romantic glow, directing it to a more energy-efficient direction. And here it is important to take advantage of the changes occurred.

It would be a mistake to try to reproduce the relationships that were before the wedding. Use the fact that you have here and now. You others, and, therefore, love is manifested differently. It does not need every second proof of the words and kisses. Love - this concession, and the ability to time to keep silent, and, conversely, the courage to admit that you have something not satisfied.

After the wedding, you become one and get the opportunity to really prove the strength of their feelings - not deliberately, not in pursuit of the goal to show themselves. Love in marriage should be based on a solid foundation in the form of trust and acceptance of each other, whereas before the wedding her enough pretty shaky foundation of charm and enthusiasm.

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