Love after marriage

Love after marriage
 The long-awaited "Marry me! "Pre-wedding bustle and, finally, the most important day in the life ... It would seem that now that you are officially recognized family, one and inseparable, the relationship should be especially gentle and reverent. However, practice shows that this is not the case. Very often, romance and passion leave the pair soon after going to the registrar. After all, to keep the love after marriage, it is necessary to constantly work on the relationship.

Often cooling is due to too high expectations of lovers. Is particularly difficult for those couples who have no experience of living together. New husband, accustomed to see his beloved in full dress, with work meets not made up wife in a tracksuit. A young wife, often not having enough experience in housekeeping, instead of compliments have to listen to reproaches. The first year after the wedding - the most difficult. It was during this period many couples break up, in which the partners have failed to "get used" to each other.

To family life does not become a series of scandals and conflicts, try to concentrate on the merits of a loved one. Think about what you liked at the time of dating, what character traits attracted you? Maybe disadvantages husband are a continuation of its merits: soft and sensitive people have a distraction at home, energetic and ambitious - and some categorical rigidity. If you know when something caught his tenacity and desire to achieve career heights, you should not be offended because of the fact that the workplace husband spends more time than at home. Remember that attempts to change a man will only lead to cooling, while the ability to take it for what it is, will help keep the love for years to come.

When there is between the young couple misunderstanding, many seek support and advice from their relatives. However, remember that your parents will always be on your side as well as her husband's parents. So do not make "dirty linen in public", or petty quarrel, which would be forgotten in a couple of days, could turn into a cold war between relatives. Think of conflict as an integral part of the relationship. After all, only by going through them, you can learn to understand each other. To solve problems in a relationship, it should be only two.

Intimate party relations plays an important role in strengthening marriage. Never use sex as a means of manipulation spouse. Otherwise, he might think that you do love to him of favors without experiencing desire and passion. It hurts hurts the male ego and can lead to treason. But regular and quality sex make your love stronger, and relationships - better.

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