Jumping the Broom

Jumping the Broom
 Wedding - one of the most light, joyful celebrations in life. At the same time and preparation for the wedding, and its very conduct involves more hassle and considerable expenses. Additionally, the future newlyweds are unsure whether all will take place as it should, whether they are ready to ensure that the conduct independent family life. From this not only the heroes of the day, but also their immediate family members may feel tired, exhausted. But still need to pass this test with dignity.
 First of all, and the groom and the bride, and their families should try to get rid of emotion, take a look at the matter from the point of view of common sense. It is natural and understandable that you're worried. But this wedding - not the first, nor the last in the world. The institution of marriage for thousands of years. In the end, the parents of the groom and the bride's parents had once celebrated their own wedding!

Clearly the desire "not to lose face," but this does not mean that the wedding should be the ruin that exists for both sides. Make a careful plan celebrations, calculated, whereby it is possible to save wisely. Honestly, guests will survive if they go to the registrar no limousines at the holiday table will not be submitted to the most exquisite dishes, and alcohol will not "pour the river." The same as if a wedding banquet will be held in an inexpensive, yet cozy cafes, and not in the upscale restaurant with fabulous prices.

The traditional procedure for the bride price must correspond to the wise rule: everything is good in moderation. Alas, sometimes and bridesmaids, and her family was converted ransom is the real travesty of the groom, deliberately putting him in an awkward and sometimes frankly embarrassing position. It is not difficult to understand what kind of mood will then have the bridegroom and how it can come back to haunt future wife. It is best to create a scenario of redemption in advance by mutual consent of the intending spouses.

The rule is: do not leave on the last day. Shall describe clearly who is responsible for what. Someone from the family to agree about the banquet hall, to whom - to organize the supply of vehicles, who assumes the photographer, and who - purchase fireworks for fireworks. Order or purchase a wedding dress for the bride best to take over her mother or someone from the next of kin. Pay special attention to the selection of a good hairdresser, make-up artist for the bride. If you act in this way, the test is successful wedding, leaving you only pleasant memories!

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