How to get out successfully married

How to get out successfully married
 On successful marriage probably the dream of many girls. Oh happy and prosperous family life of their daughters dream of the parents. And get a husband a good man - a great success. But to rely on it not worth it, you need to take things into their own hands and choose exactly the one who can fully come under the category of "perfect husband."
 A lot of men, and they are all different. Make a mistake in choosing a life partner is easy, and you have one life, so spend it on experiments would be foolish. After all, no one wants to live with her husband, feeling unhappy and secretly dreaming of a prince on a white limousine. Expect that this will find you itself, especially when the age of the bride no longer a juvenile can be forever, so it's best to organize his own search.

To do this, be sure to leave the house and go to a variety of activities. Having a rough idea of ​​what a man you need, we can easily guess where he can walk. Do you want to go with her husband to the theater, exhibitions, concerts? There and look for it. Because, inter alia, the need to find someone with whom you would be interested even after 10 years, which tastes converge, and will talk about. You can also keep an eye candidate for a husband at work or at someone's wedding.

To select "Copy" pay attention to you, you should always look so that you do not notice it was difficult. I do not mean outrageous and feminine, well-groomed and neat appearance, stylish "packaging" and a smile on his face. And not a single word should not give your desire to marry. You - Free attractive woman who like many, knows his worth and loves men.

Men are different. There are those with which it is not necessary to start a relationship and spend their time on their rehabilitation. These are my mother's son, a womanizer, sloppy and addictions. Let it will have a lot of advantages, but if one of these shortcomings will not be able to make you happy.

So, production in the trap. He calls, invites, gives flowers and says nice things. Only now it's time to think about sex. Try to keep this side of the relationship is also impressed with both of you. In family life, it's really important. When a relationship is gaining momentum, love you already visited CARETAKER everything. And if you are satisfied, including income, you can completely surrender to the feelings and wait.

Try to do everything possible so that he thought you were the center of the universe and missed every minute. You should not be intrusive, but he must feel that you value him, respect his opinion. Praise him, let's enough personal freedom and love. Be interesting in conversation, passionate in bed and ideal home. And then so valuable he never wants to let go and just connect a life with you. Is not that what you expect?

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