How to force a man to marry

How to force a man to marry
 A dream to wear a white dress air, the desire to have the status of a married woman, tired of questions friends and relatives of the wedding - women have plenty of reasons why they want to get married. In men, this question is a little different view, they do not give a global meaning of marriage, and sometimes they need to be literally forced to marry. For this purpose, there are several ways.

Method one - to get pregnant. Most appropriate, responsible men marry his beloved, knowing that she is expecting a baby. For him, it will be a shock, but most likely, the issue of marriage will be solved instantly. This method is effective, but if a man takes care of contraception on their own - quite difficult to implement.

The second way - to ingratiate himself with the future in-laws. Be sure to get acquainted with my mother a potential husband, if you please her, she will begin to hint to his son that it's time to start a family, want to babysit grandchildren. However, to make friends with potential in-law is not always easy - it will be possible or not - depends on many factors - the age at which she gave birth to a son, the number of children in their family relationships, the impression you make on it.

The third way - the pressure. Independently or with the help of his relatives can start the emotional pressure. Hints about what you have long together, and the fact that you're still not married, is an unpleasant conversation in your family. Tantrums, tears, threats - this method on the one hand is simple enough, but on the other - the chosen one can be frightened of such pressure and stop the relationship with you.

Fourth way - to conclude a contract with him: if he marry you, you ... - depends on what you can offer to your chosen one. If he agrees - do not ask much from him, because he had promised to marry only - it is not promised to provide for you, take care. Think about it - if you want it.

Fifth way - to be his most-most - to surround him with care, cook him a delicious dish, be agreeable, to make your home the most comfortable. He must be comfortable with you, then it probably will come to the idea of ​​marriage.

Sixth way - talk to him heart to heart, to tell how marriage is important to you, and what problems it will solve - maybe your man does not speculate about what your head thoughts of marriage.

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