How to choose a toastmaster

How to choose a toastmaster
 Very soon, the happiest day of your life. You already do many things: coffee book, discuss the menu, order decorations for the hall and on the machine operator and invited the photographer who can capture the most important moments of the day. Now all you have to invite the person who will make your holiday fun, memorable and hold it at the highest level.

Tamada (from Georgia) - is the person who leads the celebration and toasts. In Georgia, this role has always invited the most respected human villages covering. How not to be mistaken with the choice of Toastmasters and make a quality choice?

Good toastmaster should:

1) Come up with a fun program for entertaining guests. After a feast for the order and established that all had fun, and do not get bored. Toastmasters has to spend the evening so that the face of the young guests and a smile never left.

2) Speak memorable toast to the newlyweds and guests will enjoy and will not be too tedious. You should not think that says toastmaster at all weddings the same. After all, your wedding is special, this is your day. And, of course, I want to hear something that will cause a sincere response in the hearts.

3) A good toaster should be a little psychologist to correctly catch the mood of the guests to cheer and support their great mood.

4) And most importantly, the host must be a great actor. He should be able to do everything: sing, dance, talk toast, easy to come up with contests and be able to entertain guests at any time. If you find such a person, you will not be bored. After toastmaster should enjoy their work, and not just do it with indifference and monotony.

Meeting face-to-face

Toastmaster need to choose wisely. Therefore, it would be better to meet him in person before the wedding. Even if your family to recommend you an excellent toastmaster, do not immediately agree, because not everyone likes the same thing.

If at the first meeting a person you do not like, even if it does its job perfectly, you will think that you can choose the option better. Get accustomed to it, and if he called you sympathy and trust, you can communicate with them closer.

Toastmaster should provide you with a video from the evening that he spent to convince you that he ace in the business.

You can make yourself an idea of ​​your holiday and offer it to Toastmasters. If you do not have ideas, the toastmaster will offer you something different. Carefully read the script. Toastmasters has to do what you love, not him, it's your holiday.

How much is a good toastmaster

As they say, the price depends on quality. One thing is clear: cheap cost services of a good toastmaster will not. Therefore, if you do not have sufficient funds to invite a good leader, think, can, and can do without it. At least you will not feel that someone else ruin your holiday, but still took you for that money.

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