How is the wedding

How is the wedding
 Wedding - present church sacrament and is an important step, which decided not every couple. Besides the fact that before the wedding need to pass a certain spiritual work, you must submit, how the ceremony itself.

At the entrance to the temple of the couple must immediately get up in the correct order: left bride, the groom on the right. Witness the groom stands next to him as a bridesmaid beside the young. In this order they will stand up to the end of the ceremony.

Wedding rings during a solemn liturgy are to the right of the Holy See, the deacon will make them for a priest on a tray. Young will bless three times, and then give into the hands of candles, however, only if both the first marriage.

The priest says it and puts a cross over the head of the groom, and then puts it on the ring finger ring. A similar procedure is carried out with the bride. Then, according to tradition, ring the husband and wife will be swapped three times, and only then will begin the ceremony of the wedding.

All actions are accompanied by prayers. The climax of the priest baptizes groom and gives him a kiss an icon of the Savior on the front of the crown. In the same way blessed and groom, but instead of the Savior on her crown of the Blessed Virgin. Word speech will be the "crowning servant (a) God (rd) ... & lt; name & gt; ... Rabe (y) of God (emu) ... & lt; name & gt; ... in the name of the Father and of the Son, and the Holy Spirit."

With regards to whether be put on crowns Suite on their heads or hang over them in the hands of the witnesses, the strict rules of the church is not - it depends on the arrival. After the ceremony served a cup of wine, the priest prays over her, baptized her and gives to drink the bride and groom. They in turn (he first, then she) three times drink from the cup, a symbol of community and family unity.

After the end of the wine in the cup right hands of husband and wife are combined, cover and stole 3 times encircle the young around the podium.

As a result, the ceremony bridal crowns to remove. Crowned by summing the Holy Doors, where the bride must kiss the icon of the Virgin and groom - an icon of the Savior.

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