Day of Happiness

Day of Happiness
 Each person has different ideas about happiness. Each of us needs something different in order to feel happy. But how to arrange a day of happiness and thus escape from the everyday routine?

The daily difficulties, work, life, problems we do not notice the flow of life. Often it is as if rushing past us. We are always waiting for something, when children grow up, when there will be more salary when it's vacation. Pictures are changing, and it seems to us, when it is to look through the following pages, we finally begin to live a full life. Behind this changing kaleidoscope of events, we forget that life - this is what is happening to us right now at this moment, and you want to enjoy the present, so that now, and not illusory future.

Let's stop for a minute and arrange yourself a day of happiness. Each is different, but this day is better to be alone, to think about yourself and your life. Find a free day in the busy schedule of worries and problems. Turn off the phone, so that nothing bothers you, it is advisable to abandon the television and computer. This day only dedicate their thoughts. Do not forget that the day is a day of happiness. Remember all those moments in life when you felt good. Take photos, surrender memories, you might want to put them in an album. Remember your childhood, smile funny moments of his youth. On this day, just think of happy moments.

Let the happiness in your heart, do not emphasize on your problems and troubles, think that things are not so bad in your life. On this day, treat yourself to a tasty, even if you're on a diet, or take a fragrant bath. Day of Happiness day you can devote to the hobby, or you can simply read a positive book. Think about your future, sketched plans for the near future. Let it be vacation plans, new baby, a new love.

As a rule, people can experience a very long time because of the problems, cheat yourself out of the failures. We seldom praise ourselves for success, quickly forget about their successes, putting more and more goals, raising the bar of his life above. Stop for a moment, make a day of happiness, relax, and feel that life is really beautiful.

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