9 reasons why you want to get married

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 "I want to get married," - says, sighing wearily, young lady. The desire to marry naturally to women, but always they realize why so eager to acquire the status of an official girlfriend of life? Here are just a few of the most common causes.

1. The desire to be protected. Woman hopes that her husband will take over most of its problems, in particular, will provide logistical and take care of the offspring.

2. Fear of loneliness. For some girls unbearable to be alone even for a few hours, not to mention the fact, to enjoy a private company for life.

3. The desire to have a baby. Traditionally, it is believed that the baby should be the official father. Abandoning family ties, a single mother condemns himself to eternal reproach from others.

4. Persistent persuasion relatives. Almost every girl who turned twenty years abroad, constantly hears the question about their marital status. Social pressure makes hurry with the choice of a life partner.

5. The need to take care of someone. The desire to create comfort, build their nest, create a "rear" beloved man - all these factors make a woman very hard in search of the "second half".

6. The need for self-actualization. It happens that the girl did not belong to the soul to learn, does not develop a career, but the economics of it has mastered to perfection. In this case, the family - the best place to apply her talents.

7. romantic illusions. Sometimes a woman desperate for affection and warmth. She thinks that legal marriage would give her eternal love, which nothing can destroy. Arguments that sometimes marriage - a mutual compromise and hard work this young lady indignantly rejects.

8. The difficult situation in the family parents. Domestic problems, lack of basic living conditions, poverty, and lack of understanding on the part of parents - these reasons compel girl quickly create their own family, in which everyone will be happy.

9. passionate love. Yes, some women still marry for love! Mutual feelings provide union of two loving hearts long and happy life.

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