Winter 2009: heels or platform?

 It would seem that before the winter is still far. However, the designers of leading fashion houses have already determined what trends will be the most-most, and therefore it is possible to proceed with the purchase of shoes for the coming winter. Women's magazine JustLady help you decide this difficult choice.

Selecting the most appropriate footwear - always one of the most difficult problems. Usually the first reaction to what we see on the catwalks of the world: "God! How is it possible to wear ?! ". It's too vulgar, radical left-handed, rough, sophisticated, glamorous, brutal - well, and so the list goes on. In general, it always seems that the creators of the most fashionable shoes thinking about anything, but not on a normal woman of flesh and blood, which must be dealt with normal daily activities.

And then suddenly we realize that here with this narrow skirt with frills really can wear these shoes only here on a wild stud, that's coat-cylinder looks perfect here with these boots, but these breeches - with strange army boots. That's what would have to be approachedto major shoe fashion trends of the season. At first glance, high heels, huge platform and quite quirky design instead of the first and second - it is absolutely unacceptable for everyday life.

But still worth a closer look: what would still be able to see one that fits your personal style? However, the main choice that you have to do, defining "their" shoes for the winter fashion season - ischoice between heel and platform.


The main thing you need to know about the most current stud: it must be very high and very thin. Count the length of the stud should start from ten inches, and the diameter of its aims to downright minimized. Here are just a metal heels, stilettos considered too brutal and excluded from the list of hits of the current fashion season.

Although it would seem, at such parameters namely heels, stilettos are the most logical way. Thin heel - a classic stud. Alternatively, it may be more or less than the classic heel-shot of where some of the forties. However, the proportions of his obviously brought up to date, and a heel-shot of strongly pulled up. Such a shape of shoes, probably can not but rejoice, because the returns them some half-forgotten in recent years, classic elegance.

However, this season designers have put on such heels and boots and ankle boots (one of the most popular types of shoes for urban life).


But those who are horrified at the mere thought of having to maneuver through city streets potholes on the 10-centimeter heels, designers this season, yet offered an alternative. They offered to take the same ten centimeters, but increase the diameter of the heel. This results in a very thick, voluminous, stable heel, clearly having as a prototype shoes from the 70s.

Especially interesting is a dial-heel, which was once a sign of the first botinok- "Oxford", and this season proved to be successfully adapted to botalonam sporty, jackboots, even elegant evening shoes. Another feature of this fashion season can be considered high, thick heels that are covered with the same material from which made themselves shoes. It can be colored or patent leather and suede.


However, even putting in the current fashion season of women in high heels, leading fashion houses and designers did not stop there. They further increasing the height of the heel, adding more and platform. As a result, the overall size can be up to 13-15 centimeters. Moreover, the platform is added in this fashion season to shoes of different styles.

If jackboots, futuristic boots Velcro instead shnurovok or high botalonah in sporty style that seems organic, then botinki- "Oxford" on the platform at first seem a little weird. This is also probably the legacy of the 70's (as we can see, this period has been particularly active implemented in the current season is in shoe trends). I must say, this is not the most loved by many women period. They find it too vulgar and catchy.

That is why, perhaps, the designers do not take direct quotes from the '70s fashion and using elements of it, or rather, the general mood. By The Way,in the current fashion season quite a large number of shoes on the platform has a bright color palette, even when used as expensive and simply luxurious materials like crocodile skin. And this, incidentally, is also a clear influence 70s.


But if you are interested in the absoluteYou are the current fashion season - This, of course, all kinds of wedgies. And the designers at the same time very clever emphasize that take normal heel, add to it the platform and then combine it all guideshoe. Ie Wedge clearly drawn silhouettes heel and platform. The result is not wedge as such, but rather a game of tankette.

Currentfashion trends were too severe and power, so you can call pardonable craving many designers relax and play styles, shapes, textures at least in some subjects of ladies' clothes. Maybe so - from lush fantasy games creative people - and the most interesting things are born.

These include, for example, include the shoes and boots from Stella McCartney, who put on a huge wooden wedges of different shapes. Other designers (eg fashion house Chloe) simply mimic tankette. In fact, their footwear (shoes, boots, boots) put on thin studs and heel down down kind of skirt of the same material from which the model itself. It is this "skirt" creates the appearance of a light wedgies.

Galina Yudakhin

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