What New Year's Eve

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 New Year's dress choice is always given a lot of attention - you want to be beautiful, stylish, fashionable and elegant, but at the same time be able to dance, have fun, participate in contests and games. And no matter where you celebrate the holidays - a party or at home.
 Never celebrate the New Year in slippers and tracksuit. Even if you do not have time to buy a new dress, that will suit any other festive clothes that can be revived with fresh items or accessories.

The tradition to celebrate the New Year in the clothing of certain colors have symbolic meaning - that we are trying to appease the "owner" of the coming year, one of the 12 animals of the eastern horoscope. A single bright detail predominating colors and we can assume that traditions are observed.

Another rule - just wear new clothes. Only then, according to this belief, during the year, you will have the opportunity to update your wardrobe, and you will not experience financial difficulties. Good luck, but that does not mean that we should celebrate the New Year only new things - just one-piece toilet, which you put on for the first time.

Pick an outfit for New Year's Eve as appropriate. The easiest way to those who are invited to the party, masquerade - Think about the topic of his costume, take care of the details in advance. If you are celebrating a holiday home, you do not need to wear a breathtaking dress, make a difficult evening make-up and styling - just look fresh, cute and attractive in the usual evening dress simple style. But if you are invited to celebrate the evening in the restaurant, then there must be a thorough preparation - stacking (preferably in the cabin), flawless makeup, stylish, feminine and fashionable clothes (deep neckline, rich fabrics, unusual style), high heels and alluring perfume .

New Year's Eve at the cottage, in a country house or a quiet family pension presupposes convenient and practical attire. Clothes should not hamper clothes, be warm and attractive enough - take a warm coat or thick down jacket that you will throw at the exit to the street. Jeans or pants favorite style, warm sweater, and under it a smart top - you can quickly change clothes, moving from the festive table to fresh air, to barbecues and fireworks.

New Year's attire should be such that you feel confident in him and attractive

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