What is fashion

That such a fashion
 Fashion can be treated differently. For some - a measure of success and proof of self-worth. For others - a way of expression and an art. Blindly obey the laws of fashion, or go against generally accepted standards - personal choice.
 Dictionary of Russian Ushakov gives this definition: "Fashion - a set of habits, tastes and preferences of the medium at the time." And what does she come from? Now no scientist will tell the exact date when the women of the ancient tribe Yumba-Mumba suddenly belting wolf's skin leather belt. And for those unfortunates who continued to use instead of a belt vine, looked with disdain. But the fact that fashion has appeared at the dawn of human civilization, no one denies.

In ancient times, the fashion was functional. For example, beautiful, fashionable and therefore, considered to be a strong woman with large breasts and powerful hands. This woman could give birth to many children and endure all the hardships of life. In other words, fashion was that it was convenient, reliable and sturdy.

But over time, changing standards of fashion. With the evolution of culture and fashion industry fad became more intricate. In addition, the fashion trends can follow only those who had a certain excess of both time and money. Peasants and miners, whose first task was to survive and not to die from hunger and hard work never occurred to identify themselves with the help of fashion accessories. We can say that the first mods were rich and loafers.

Sometimes a victim of fashion brings not only the state, but also health. Why do Chinese people have decided that women should have no more than the size of his feet six year old child is unknown. But how many thousands of casualties suffered for years from having perebintovyvat feet and wear special shoes to leg did not grow. And what can we say about the greatest inventions of mankind - corsets! With this absolutely essential in every woman's wardrobe things, destroyed almost all whales. But that just will not go for the sake of humanity fashion!

Fashion - a reflection of human reality. As time passed measured, and way of life are inviolable, and that fashion is changing very slowly. In today's world of mad speeds fashion also changes the speed of light. A couple of centuries ago, you could buy a couple of topical veshchichek and a lifetime to be a "trending". Now put on a couple of times a jacket, bought for a lot of money, and it has gone out of fashion. Do not have time to understand all the functions of the new gadget, but it turns out that it is now fashionable is a completely different technical novelty.

How correctly refers to fashion? Do not pay it any attention at all, or spend his life in an effort to follow the latest fashion trends? Perhaps all should be in moderation. In the words of the famous 17th century French writer Jean La Bruyere: "Despise fashion just stupid as too eager to follow it." And the French always knew a lot about fashion.

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