What hurts fashion

What hurts fashion
 Fashion does not stand still. Each turn of fashion trends generates a lot of interest tsenitelnits fashion footwear, apparel and accessories. But, unfortunately, not always harmonious fashion fits into the framework of a healthy way of life.

In the first place according to the degree of danger - fashion high heel. Wearing high-heeled shoes were fashionable in the days of our grandmothers. Thoroughly rummaging in old trunks and chests, you can find shoes and sandals with heels of 10 to 13 cm. And on his feet fashionistas 50s and 60s can be found traces left by fashionable shoes: ugly growths on the fingers, toes curved , varicose veins. Over time starts to hurt from standing wearing heels and waist. The list of diseases legs and feet, provoked by the constant wearing high heel shoes since no reduced.

Synthetic underwear, which is not allocated through a thin tight clothes and decorated with lace, sequins and paillettes - also a fashion statement. However, synthetic fabrics degrade air and moisture exchange in the area of ​​the perineum, thus provoking the development of candidiasis.

Tight bra underwire push-up - is also very fashionable and beautiful. After all, they lift the chest, effectively highlighting the feminine form. But not in the southern climates and for continuous wear. Thick foam insert degrade and cause overheating heat breast. That in itself is not very good. In addition, the hard bone to pick with the wrong underwear pressure on the chest, impairing blood flow.

Fashionable skinny jeans, effectively highlighting the thigh, nevertheless extremely harmful to the female body. Squeezing and squeezing a thick cloth pelvic, skinny jeans impair circulation and cause stagnation of lymph. Stroll to the notorious cellulite, inflammation of the pelvic organs and other troubles.

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