Treads: high trend of winter 2009

 Men's attitudes attract our slender legs. We choose the shoes that emphasizes our personality and appeal. In the coming season we draw your gaze towards the seductive and sexy jackboots. For information on how to wear and what to buy women's magazine tells JustLady!  

Shoes can be a lot! With this fact agree absolutely everything the fair sex. And do not buy another pair, especially if it boots boots, and be able to do one.

The upcoming season is marked by rampant botfortomaniey, so if you are not in these great boots, then our article for you! Remember standing on that winter without Treads not do - theyhit of the winter season 2009!

Fashion combination

Very sexy look to be high-heeled boots with straight dress or long sweater. Such combinations draw attention to shapely legs and visually clean a few extra pounds.

Match the color of jackboots wide belt successfully completes the image and creates the appropriate attire to all canons of winter fashion.

High boots on a flat course looks perfect with a short jacket and tight jeans.

Please note! Follows that:

- It is not necessary to combine boots with cleavage

- Boots without heels emphasize the thigh

- Lady with a curvaceous and tall, putting boots on a flat course, at risk of becoming similar to a cat in boots.

Author: Galina Vereshchagin
Women's magazine JustLady

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