The most fashionable color combinations in your wardrobe

The most fashionable color combinations in your wardrobe
 Color combinations have their own fashion trends - by analogy with the current styles and shapes, shades and colors define the main directions in each season. Combination of colors can be unpredictable, avant-garde, classical - whatever one wants. But it is the skillful use of color harmony and contrasts related to the brightness and individuality.

As always classic holds it's own - black and white palette, not only in one ensemble, but in one piece clothing.

Gentle tone - favorites of the upcoming season. All shades of beige, flesh, white and gold make it possible to combine the elements, searching for the best. Muted tones of quiet disturbed patches of black, olive or silver shades. Warm colors and a bright pink coral accent is associated with hot summers and fresh sea shades gives a cool and calm.

Shades of blue are very popular, especially when combined with white. Weave gray and blue color suggests the upcoming holiday - thin sensuality of summer dresses in the proposed scheme is striking in its elegance.

Bright colors, too, paid attention - juicy black-orange stripe, poisonous lemon accent declared themselves from the catwalks of fashion shows held. Unusual harmony lilac and chocolate shades emphasizes brick-red paintings main parts. The red color also got its ambiguous sound - a combination of denim with a green or ripe cherry color gives incredibly sexy.

Popular this season prints and flowers will be pleased with the traditional colors - classic "leopard", soft colors, sea patterns. Interesting combination of sea and animalistic figures - such outfits are attracted by its diversity and bold idea. Abstract constant - butterflies, stripes and "peas" saturated, but not flashy, and a variety. Color transitions are smooth and expected - shades of white flow in skin color, beige tend to dairy.

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