Star style: T-shirts

Star style: T-shirts
 Huge walk-in closets stars contain not only elegant evening and concert outfits, but also quite affordable things - T-shirts with funky slogans. Such garments produced almost all fashion houses and famous brands. But famous people often wear T-shirts and own design, with the words that come up with themselves.
 The stars are constantly in sight, so different organizations are turning to them to support any action. On T-shirts of famous personalities you see: "Save the Whales", "I'm for fake fur! "" I am against the destruction of trees "- and similar appeals and phrases. Inscriptions there are funky, and patriotic, and religious and romantic.

For example, Beyonce wears a T-shirt with a declaration of love for Barack Obama, Sharon Stone protest against war, Megan Fox urges watch the movie "Transformers" and the young fashionista Vanessa Hudgens is a fan Lakers, as evidenced by the inscription on her T-shirt. Britney Spears walks in pink jerseys, the phrase on which convinces you that its owner is the American dream.

Katy Perry has a lot of T-shirts with different slogans from a positive to a formidable Happy Be Afraid. Christina Aguilera loves funny provocative inscriptions. For example, in her wardrobe has a translucent shirt with a picture of a giraffe and the words "Deep Throat."

In Paris Hilton T-shirts with drawings and bukovkami - small car and truck, to list all the available items in her wardrobe is not necessary, we can only say with certainty that she loves this garment. Their preferences, it shows a cute phrase on the top: "I love shoes, accessories and men." Obviously, it is this sequence.

These t-shirts star personality can wear even at the grand event, because the thing is decorated with a design pattern copyright and sparkling high quality rhinestones.

Kim Kardashian, when he participated in the American show "Dancing with the Stars", wore a T-shirt, which marked his call for support a couple of her mistress. Pamela Anderson calls for vegetarianism and animal welfare, as evidenced by the phrase on her T-shirt. Argue with her Jessica Simpson, asserting that these girls eat meat. It is this inscription flaunts her red shirt.

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