Purple haze from lavender to black

Purple haze from lavender to black
 Almost impossible to count the quantitative variety of shades of lilac color. Today they demand designers in creating fashionable images as never before. But choose them for yourself should be cautious, depending on the color of hair and skin.
 Lilac - a collective name of many beautiful shades - from the color lilac to lavender tenderness, transparency, violet, purple mystique. Each of them is good in its own way and for giving new emphasis of color in daily and festive toilet. No wonder lilac and various shades of purple long considered the royal color.

For owners of dark hair and dark skin enough you can use any of the shades of lilac. Accessories such colors can be perfectly emphasize their hair and silky. For example, the rim of the intense purple color, or bobby pins with artificial flower violet.

Blondes lilac and its derivatives should be used with care. Their fair skin is lost, looks painfully surrounded by lilac dress, lavender flowers. But it is quite permissible handbag or belt that color. This will make a variety of established image. Moreover, the rule of "bag and shoes - one color," today it is quite possible to break. Fashionable handbag amethyst, lilac, light purple goes well with black shoes.

Better release for daylight use only one article of clothing (e.g., a blouse), any magenta color. The whole range of tones well with gray, brown, black, red. A great neighborhood to become purple gold, and for light lavender - Silver. Fully toilet violet color is good only for an evening out.

It is believed that the range of lilac tones people choose for themselves the sensual, emotional, easily excitable and vulnerable. Therefore, psychologists give advice to "dilute" the colors other, contrasting. For example, red or gray. This will give confidence and visually trim your toilet.

Choosing a variety of shades of lilac clothes need to remember that their abundance will give you an unnatural way. It should be in moderation, because it is a very powerful color that attracts attention to its owner.

Purple range is very fashionable and very difficult. But the skillful use of her woman can create a truly unforgettable images.

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