New Year's dress code

New Year's dress code
 What to wear on New Year's celebration, to attract attention, but look at this stylish? Strike a balance between solidity and extravagance will help all sense of proportion. A fashion trends will become the reference in the choice of attire.
 For women, the New Year - it's a great excuse to escape from everyday life and go to extraordinary adventure, even for one night, but feel like a queen. Beautiful dresses, unusual accessories and bright decorations - everything that deprive working life, you can afford to New Year's Eve. And because I want to wear all at once! But not to become a victim of its own fashion experiment, you should follow some simple rules, which are the basis for the New Year's dress code.

If you are invited to a party, it will be a win-win option adjacent one-color dress length just above the knee, as an option, a dress with a corset and slightly flared bottom. In company with his companion, dressed in a classic suit, possibly matching your outfit, you will look harmonious and appropriate. Not worth the risk and dress up in a ball gown to the floor, because you do not go to the premiere at the theater, and pretty fun event. A dress with a train not dance from the heart. In addition, a shorter version will provide an opportunity to demonstrate to all your gorgeous shoes.

By the way, shoes, along with a handbag and bolero can become those very bright accents enliven outfit. Even in the absence of expensive jewelry and unusual make-up, they will help you to attract attention. Use your dress as expressive background for them and you can not go wrong.

Dress should be as open as possible, or, conversely, chastely closing your charms? Ideal - halter top and a stylish cape. In this case you can easily change its shape in just a few seconds. But there is one rule: deep cleavage requires decoration on the neck, necklace, pendant or beads suitable length and style. Are you afraid to make a mistake? Choose gold and silver - it is always fashionable.

The coming year - the year of the Black Dragon on the Eastern calendar. This is the rule and reign of the Water element space black. All this can be successfully beat in his suit. If you decide to combine black with what else, choose it in a pair of bright green, lemon yellow, red. Brooch in the form of a dragon, a black belt in a bright dress, outfit of shimmering like a wave of water, silver-black silk - just a few of the simplest options. A little glitter - will also be relevant: handbag with shiny sequins, silver bracelet, sparkling rhinestone barrette. A hair and body can be decorated with a special varnish and powder with glitter.

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