New fashion - 2012

New fashion - 2012
 New Year's Eve is perhaps one of the most fascinating events that everyone is waiting with bated breath. This is exactly the case when any girl wonders what will be fashionable and better meet the holiday to effectively defile in the next year. Turn your hungry eyes glamor to the latest trends in fashion world.
 Coming in 2012, and with it the era of the Black Water Dragon. What fashion trends for 2012, it portends? Designers offer this year a huge variety of brilliant, flowing fabrics that do not require additional elements. To create the effect of compelling used Lurex glitter, sequins, sequins, crystals, and the very texture of silk or satin. If the fabric of your dress is not enough brilliant - you can give it a glamor using shimmering bracelets and necklaces.

Fashion 2012 promises variety of shades of flesh, red and blue colors. Red - provocative, arousing and exciting, will make you the center of attention. The blue color can vary from pale shades of ice, which will give some fragile romance your way to blue-black, symbolizing the mysterious appeal. Black color has consistently continued to go from one season to another. Indisputable superiority designers give gold and silver. It is believed that these metallic iridescence in the New Year of the Dragon will be a source of attraction of financial well-being.

Do not forget about the classic long dress. Christmas Fashion Creators (2012) offer a model with wide neckline and cut-outs, which are advised to wear without any wearable jewelry, so as not to detract from the attractiveness of the gentle curve of the neck and shoulders. Finishing outfits give his pockets, wide belts, and belts.

The mod will and silk evening dresses to the knee or slightly above. The color scheme of the most diverse, ranging from pale cream, beige shades and ending with all sorts of poisonous flowers.

In 2012, back in fashion sweaters - long, coarse knit, with all sorts of print. By the way, on the podium again, you can find wool sweater dress. As for pants, become narrowed or actual direct model of wool or jersey.

Another hit of the New Year will be a soft fluffy fur of various shades, which can be either part of the dress, and an additional element, versatile clothing for several models. Remain still relevant fur vests, long coat to the floor, and a very short coat.

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