Luxury style crisis

Luxury style crisis
 Dress fashionable and stylish always want despite the crisis and the total lack of money. However, due to various tricks, clever girl, even of modest means can afford to look luxurious.
 It is not necessary to have in her wardrobe a lot of things, most importantly - to be able to combine them intelligently. Choosing thing immediately visualize what you can put on it. If you compose a suitable ensemble does not work - go boldly forward. Otherwise, a vending blouse you need pants to pants - shoes, to shoes - handbag to match. Or blouse and will be in the closet.

Choose things that accentuate your charms and hide flaws. Luxury rather not call the woman who has a lot of expensive things, and who knows how to look good in them. The clothes you should be comfortable. It should not make you slouch or force constantly straighten it.

Most large shopping centers can be found things at a discount. Going shopping, check the store's website, where they began to sell, and make these places in your itinerary. Chic things can be found in second-hand and trade fairs, and for quite a reasonable price. If you have time to spare, and be sure to visit them.

Identify the major fashion trends of the season. These models will sew as famous designers and firms that do not have great popularity. However, if this is quality stuff, made of good material, why should you pay more.

Want to keep up with the latest fashion trends, but do not have enough money for this - Diversify your wardrobe with fashionable accessories. Lipstick, nail polish, belt or scarf popular colors will help you stay fashionable. Also note the bracelets, necklaces and earrings, relevant in this season.

Be sure to keep in your wardrobe is one gorgeous dress for the occasion. Perhaps they happen you do not so often, but save on this should not be, if you want to look decent on the background of the other guests.

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