Leggings: how and what to wear

Leggings: how and what to wear
 The main novelty and curious chip current fashion season are leggings. This came from the 80th article of clothing was not popular in recent years and was even considered kitsch. Despite such disregard for the leggings, it became clear that subtle mix them with other parts of the toilet creates an elegant look.

Despite some oddities, the world of high fashion is always retains a certain harmony. This is reflected in the fact that any fashion trends somewhat balanced. This fact can be found in a lot of evidence of past fashion seasons. For example, the mini dress is very simple cut and neutral shades for most designers are combined with luxurious dresses complex cut.

This fact is explained quite simply. If all things are equal, there is boredom. A boring fashion collection will not forgive any designer, no matter how famous name he did not possess.

The new fashion season designers offer classic British stiffness, elegant baroque, gothic and gloomy neutral gray color as the main color. However, all these tendencies are balanced by bright emphasis placed on the hands and feet. Emphasis on the legs is not only by color or special forms, but also by a certain mood. Let's look at these images in detail.

The main novelty of this fashion season, allowing to focus on the legs are leggings. In the 80s leggings were completely different synthetic and acid-bright colors. This flaunting of artificiality was a kind of challenge to the bourgeois, the settled way of life and standard materials.

Currently leggings look very noble. Over the years, technological progress has allowed to create artificial fibers approximate and even ahead of the properties of natural materials. Therefore, although a part of leggings and there are synthetic fibers, they are closer to the natural wool and cotton. As a result, leggings were thin and tight, but it gained new qualities: softness, warmth and comfort. As for colors, they have become quite moderate: Modern leggings have a democratic black, or gray, beige, brown, dark blue and dark red shades.

There were changes and is what to wear with leggings. The most simple, versatile and trendy option is taken from the '80s - a combination of black leggings with a long sweater dress calm colors. This outfit is very practical and is perfect for work, school or vacation trips. Currently, however, leggings can be worn with almost any thing: one-piece dresses straight silhouette, long and thin draped skirts, short skirts or shorts-tulips.

If you experience an overwhelming aversion to leggings, among the new fashion trends and you can choose a more neutral option. For example, dense opaque tights or stockings soothing shades. They can be worn not only with high boots, but also with classic boats.

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