How to dress the groom

How to dress the groom
 Volnitelen wedding day, not only for the bride, but also for the groom. His outfit is important not less than splendid dress of the future spouses. In choosing you can go several ways.
 People are used to the fact that all the attention is focused on weddings the bride. Girls and women are discussing gorgeous dress, the men talk about what it will be for his beloved wife. But recent trends are changing and men are more willing to pay attention to themselves in such an important day. They are trying to do in the first place, your attire. When it is selected, there are several options.

The first - a classic. Black suit and shoes, white shirt, dark tie. It seems to be a boring way, but it can be converted. Start by choosing a costume. Do not spare money on things of Italian or French companies - these countries are legislators in men's fashion and always dictate trends around the world. Pay attention to the form-fitting options with a deep cut on his jacket - they favorably emphasize the shape and looks very nice rest. For celebrations can feel free to choose the shiny fabrics, patterns of various stripes suit. Pick up a shirt style suit - you can consider options with interesting collars and cuffs. When he reached the tie, define your tastes and wishes. You can stay on a gray or dark blue version with a barely noticeable pattern, or to focus precisely on this part of the wardrobe, choosing a stylish bright picture.

The next version - modernized. Increasingly, brides are choosing bright image, match his bride. Delicate cream suits look great on slender man, full well they will do even more. Putting on a costume, you can pick up to it both light and dark shoes. Tie in this case may be red or black. Excellent will look creamy butterfly.

Another way when choosing a suit for the groom - stylish. It is not necessary to follow the traditions, it's your day. Check with your bride image and go shopping. For example, you can buy dark pants and a bright jacket. Or do differently and leave the focus on the shoes purple or green. In the latter case, a tie is better to choose a bright tone element.

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