How to clean the fur

How to clean the fur
 Over time, the skin is contaminated. On it there are various spots settles street dust and dirt. You can clean the fur at home or take it to the dry cleaners.
 To cleanse the fur buy at the pet store fine sawdust, put in a separate container and soak unleaded petrol. Put a coat on a flat surface, put your hands on rubber gloves. Clean skin and leave it for a while. When gasoline evaporates completely, shake the dust brush for clothes. During the procedure, move to fresh air - balcony or outside, if you live in a private home. You also can not stay away from sources of fire.

Remove street dust and dirt can be using adsorbents - potato starch, powdered chalk or talc. Due to the porous structure of these materials absorbs dirt efficiently. Spread fur on a flat clean surface, sprinkle with the adsorbent and clean hands, as if erased. Then remove the powder with a little vacuuming attachment or brush for clothes. If the first attempt failed completely clean fur, repeat the procedure again.

Result in a fur coat in the order as follows. Buy at a pharmacy or large supermarket wheat bran. Pour into the pan or other metal container and put on fire. Heat, stirring from time to time. Then sprinkle with bran and warm fur brush. When finished, knock out or vacuum the product rod.

Slight dirt easily cleaned off well with soapy water. Pour into a separate container with warm water and add a small amount of shampoo for hair or any neutral detergent. Keep in mind one thing - a part should not be part bleach and dyes. Dampen a cloth or a sponge and repeatedly wipe the fur in the direction of hair growth. Then rinse off the soap with a clean, damp cloth. Hang the fur on the shoulders and leave to dry completely. Comb the pile-toothed comb with blunt teeth.

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