How to become a stylish

How to become a stylish
 How to choose your own style while preserving the individuality? To do this, refer to your own character and taste. No need to blindly follow the recommendations of every fashion magazine. You have to create your own "flavor".

If you want to be stylish and fashionable, make sure you listen to the advice of fashion stylists and designers. Remember to start advertising the famous phrase from the clothing store, which states that "in style - does not mean expensive." Do not hesitate, if you wear a normal suit, in which there are no labels Armani or Chanel. In any thing the main thing is, of course, comfort. In this case, you must learn to wear with confidence even the most modest thing, with a certain charm inherent only stylish women. It is not necessary to idealize fashion, do not pay attention to the fashion label and wear only what is right for you.

Girls who are interested in how you can become a stylish, it will be interesting to hear the statement of creative director of the Japanese company VOGUE Anne Rousseau: "Do not be afraid to look sometimes a bit vulgar. Sometimes in the form of just needs a little error. It's like salt in food. In mistakes sometimes lies the whole point. " It may be added that we should not be too "right" and constantly refined in the choice of clothing. Do not be afraid to be resourceful, bringing each time the look of any flavor.

Avoid too strong makeup in everyday life. Especially do not overdo it with make-up in the very young or mature age. It looks ridiculous.

Try not to use black clothes too often. Remember to be fashionable, you have to love the bright colors and combine them correctly. And the use of black is not an option, it is not a magic wand. And besides, it is not for everyone!

Do not be afraid to add your image something new, to smile, love yourself! Remember that you can choose your own style only in the course of self-knowledge and self-improvement. If you do not like myself, you can not look beautiful and impressive!

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