How to be stylish girl

How to be stylish girl
 Be stylish - it means to follow the fashion trends, skillfully combine clothes and look good at all times. And to find his own style, but do not become "black sheep" need to know a few rules.
 Stand in front of a mirror and carefully inspect your figure. Check all the virtues that need to be emphasized, as well as the deficiencies to later learn to skillfully conceal them.

Think what way suits you best. Pick your style, you can use fashion magazines, TV shows and instill good taste, friends, family and counselors in stores. And also pay attention to the stars of cinema, music and television. Maybe someone's image seem more attuned to and appropriate for you.

Nothing wrong with imitation not, especially if the sample is known for its good taste. Try to repeat the selected style and appear in it in public. If you feel uncomfortable, choose another option. Compare several styles and stop at the most appropriate.

A revision of the wardrobe and get rid of all the old and inappropriate things, leaving only the most stylish models. Of the remaining clothes combine multiple images, and if things is not enough, go for new clothes. But before that, carefully read magazines to keep abreast of new fashion trends. And do not forget the classics, which is relevant everywhere and always.

Buying clothes, choose only those things that will go well with each other and are ideal for your figure. Indeed, a large number of colorful clothing items will not make you stylish. Trying things, pay attention to what colors are you the most, and in which you feel most comfortable.

To emphasize the individual image, pick up accessories. All decorations must be made in the same style and fits well into the image. Remember, if you put on a bright and catchy bobby pin or brooch, the other accessories should be less noticeable.

Rehearse in front of a mirror gait. From it will largely depend on the perception of your image. In addition, a beautiful gait will give you confidence. Watch the posture, not kosolapte and do not go too fast.

Pay careful attention to the hairstyle. It is an integral component of any style. Go to a good salon, consult with experts, so they can help you to choose a new haircut. Do not forget to take care of the hair and make daily styling.

Get into the habit do express make-up every time he went out into the street. Refreshes the face, tinted eyes, lips and straightens her hair, even if you need to run to a nearby convenience store. This habit will allow you to always feel attractive.

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