How to be stylish and attractive at work

 Office for the modern woman - is not just a place of work, but also the "podium" in which she daily demonstrates his sense of taste and style.

 Consider the main components of a perfect working gloss that will make you not just a working unit, and a business woman.
If the autumn you pulled on the classics, so instinct is not deceived. After several seasons of infantile girly dresses designers bring us back to a refined silhouette, clean lines and shapes in a retro spirit unobtrusive. Instead frivolous Lolitas - glossy images careerists, an intellectual, a femme fatale, a true lady, full sexual maturity. In general, there is nothing easier in this season than to look at the papers are collected, professional and trendy.

3 main objectives:

1. Do not irritate bosses inappropriate sex appeal.
2. Feel comfortable throughout the working day.
3. is at the peak of fashion trends.

This will help us:

▪ Office Essential Classics - a pencil skirt, sitting strictly at the waist and covering the knee.
▪ The fitted blazer that would look quite "right" if belted it with a thin leather strap or a wide belt-corsage.
▪ Blouses, especially feminine model of posled¬nih collections, soft and flowing, elegant puffed sleeves or puffed. These blouses in combination with a narrow skirt or sundress elegant body conscience of the dense fabric look particularly good.
▪ The traditional "male" pants without strict arrows soft silhouette combined with close-fitting jackets in the style of old-school. Slacks look very feminine, combined with short thin knitted blouses.
▪ What about your favorite skinny pants, cigarette, to which we have become accustomed? You can not worry: they are still in vogue, only became a little shorter.
However, all of the above, you were in the past, and before last season, is not it? Missed by repeating the same in different versions may find in the fashion collections and curious novelties that will be appropriate and in the business office and student audience, and art galleries.
▪ laconic minimalist monochrome dress tunic, belt intercepted - black or contrasting color.
▪ Dress or gown made of thick fabric: wool, jersey, tweed, thick cotton canvas, which will follow the contours of your body and at the same time remain large enough to avoid unnecessary stress and too intrusive in a business setting eroticism lady's figure.

Most recent shades - Of course, gray, black (muted shades), dark beige. There are more extreme options - for example, red or fuchsia, but even if it is pleasing to the eye for the everyday humdrum of work is still too much.

Dark bottom, white top. Different variations of the Capital Rules returned to the podium in a very nice video. Option for senior pupils and students: white blouse with short puffed sleeves, with delicate fine tucks in combination with a short straight skirt, intercepted at the waist with a leather belt. Laconic bright blouse with wide sleeve on the cuff complete with a narrow black skirt of thick satin, dissected deep cut - the choice confident careerists.
If you are going to work this fall, we must not forget roomy bag - Better than a rigid shape, certainly leather.

Major shoe trend:

▪ Retro-style
▪ High and stable heel
▪ lacquering and gloss
▪ Dark
▪ Tweed
▪ The triangular nose
▪ Dense opaque tights

3 taboo fashion careerists:

1. Do not imitate her friends and colleagues, even if what they are, you really like, otherwise you will lose their reflection and individuality.

2. Do not buy a fake and "copy" of well-known brands (including accessories). The result will be the same fake, like clothes.

3. Do not feel sorry for old things two or three years ago, and if it is a pity to leave - to continue wearing the country. And here's something from my grandmother's trunk - it is vintage.

Love Petrukhina

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