Herself stylist

Herself stylist
 Almost every woman has to create its image. Over time, it becomes a real stylist, at least for myself. What is a style? Many begin with, copy someone else's image. Usually it is not the best approach for someone who wants to create their own unique look. First, copy is always worse than the original, and secondly, it you are depriving yourself of individuality.

To start honestly examine ourselves. Do not try to compare yourself to someone else, you - are you, look at yourself as a person of self-worth. Do you have features that no one else has.

Stand in front of a large mirror, and see what your eyes, lips, legs, shoulder rotation, color. What is your advantage, and that a disadvantage? Maybe you have a beautiful long neck or gorgeous, wavy hair on the nature of wheat shade? Flexible or narrow back and beautiful ankles? Or maybe you have magic eyes?

You need to build your image as to emphasize his undeniable merits and divert attention from the shortcomings (or what you think the lack of).

If you have beautiful eyes, but not very thick hair, so it is necessary to emphasize the eyes, enhancing their beauty makeup and hair mow short, rather than trying to build them from the lion's mane. You have long legs, but broad and powerful shoulders? So, wear shorter skirts and dresses, beautiful shoes and stockings, and cover your shoulders a shawl or scarf. Who will pay attention to enough graceful luxury shoulders with legs!

You must pick up their clothes so that in it you looked better than without it, and that you were not in it like someone. Style - this is when you know at once, from a distance - the silhouette, hairstyle and gait. If you regularly take it for Marilyn Monroe, then for Angelina Jolie, then you are not stylish, and just a good kopirovalschitsa.

It is also important to choose your own colors. The color of clothing can create a goddess of you and can make inconspicuous gray mouse or a clown. It is not necessary to look around on their own preferences. Even if you like the intense green or yellow, do not wear them if they make you ten years older, or give the skin a sallow hue. Wear those colors, which does not kill the visual color of your eyes, hair and skin, and emphasizes their. A green or yellow, so be it, let it be a handkerchief that you wipe the tears of happiness when you say that you - a beauty queen and the most stylish woman in the world.

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