Fitness leggings or what chooses beauty?

Fitness leggings or what chooses beauty?
 Leggings are back in fashion in the middle of 2006, and still are for many women an integral part of the wardrobe. This love of women to this article of clothing due to the ability of leggings "pull" the body, hiding the extra inches. This quality is especially appreciated by ladies who do not want to keep the body in good shape active ways. So fitness or leggings - that chooses beauty?

Leggings conquered the hearts of fashionistas in the 80-ies of the last century. Now they are back to the pages of fashion magazines and are present in almost every woman's wardrobe. What caused such popularity? Leggings really very convenient and practical. Modern materials allow to produce a model for any weather and practically just in case. But most of the ladies appreciate this very different clothing items feature, namely for a certain tightening effect, allowing mask imperfect body. Here are just a few who thinks of women as safe wearing leggings and what effects it may cause.

British physiotherapists after studies unanimously claim that this figure correction piece wardrobe is far from harmless. Tight-fitting leggings body support muscles of the thighs, buttocks and abdomen, actually performing the work for them. This gradually weakens the muscles of the legs, which immediately affects their appearance: there is flabby thighs lose expressiveness, stomach becomes loose. It turns out that while the woman wears leggings, her legs look slim and attractive, but when she undresses, the effect of appeal is clearly reduced.

In addition, there is a negative psychological aspect of wearing leggings. Masquerading as slimming clothes imperfect body, including to cellulite, many women easily forget about their problems with the figure. According to their logic, if visually everything is normal, then about training and other ways to support the body in good shape, you can, at least temporarily forget. This misconception can lead to very unpleasant consequences. According to scientists, if a woman during the month wears leggings, in order to tidy up the weakened muscles, she will need as much time intensive fitness. And if the lady at the same time does not fight cellulite and monitors the status of the zones waist and abdomen, the consequences could be even more dire, and the rate of recovery lengthy and expensive.

From the foregoing it can be simple and logical conclusion: leggings are easy to visually solve the problem, but to make women's legs really slim and attractive can only regular fitness and thorough pampering.

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