Fashion tricks: to feel the spring

 For many women, spring begins at the moment when the weather allows you to throw practical jeans or warm pants, don finally in skirts and show off their legs in all their glory. Here are just now some external circumstances confused all our cards.  

Well, firstly, this winter is that they allow us almost to the baptism walk around in a super-mini. No more biting frost, snowstorms and the blower piercing blizzards. A week or two cold snaps a picture is not particularly spoiled. And secondly, current fashion trends even in such cold weather allowed us to easily put on any immodest skirts, as requested to wear leggings with them or dense opaque tights.

Still waiting for spring just want to try on her skirt. Yes pozhenstvennee, more elegant, poromantichnee. It is not even a requirement of fashion, but rather the psychological mood of the season to replace the climate, to meet the blessed warmth of the sun, which we yearned for a long winter (albeit abnormally warm).

So, choose a skirt. It seems that now when the craze designer dresses and a clear change of leaders in the fashion skirts add it recede into the shadows. However, this did not happen. The fact that the skirt has several distinct advantages, which neglect the practical modern women do not intend to.

First of all, today it is almost the basic clothing for business wardrobe. Even if we ignore the most severe dress code, which means white top and dark bottom (of course, as a skirt instead of trousers), the skirt is the preferred choice - from the point of view of the authorities and business ethics, and it is strict, and at the same time feminine, and not defy public morality.

This season, as usual, the best role models we can find in British designers. After all, English suit - a classic that will still be present in the offices of all countries. For example, Paul Smith can be seen straight dark (but not black - better than dark brown or anthracite gray) skirt length on the palm below the knee and slightly high waist. She looks through these minor details enough fresh and does not look like a grandmother's skirt, lie down in the far corner of the wardrobe for half a century. Tradition tradition, but still want something straight from the tin.

However, such an approach is inherent not only to the British, and designers from other countries. Similar skirt we can see from the Frenchman and Giambattista Valli, and American Zac Posen. The principle is the same on both sides of the ocean - slightly lengthened in comparison with the classic and slightly overestimate the waist. However, it must take into account that it is visually change the proportions of the figure. Do not be so experiment, if you have the slightest doubt.

But traditional business skirt - this is not the main proposal of the fashion season. Despite the overt onset of minimalism, in skirts still reigns volume. Even familiar to us, it would seem narrow or English straight skirts under the influence of the imagination of designers gain volume. This is achieved (as, say, Giorgio Armani) at the expense of small horizontal tucks that go along the entire length of the skirt. Due to the fact that they are very small, the volume increased just 1-2 centimeters and does not overly broad hips. Figure eventually finds such utter a soft femininity.

But it is rather a compromise with the business dress code. This volume can be seen in the two most popular models today skirts - "Tulips" and "bells". In the first case, cloth are folded into the bottom, and thus obtained is such a rounded amount. Length, there may be virtually any. And this innovation is the season because previously it was thought that the tulip skirts below the knee length is much too look balahonisto. Now this is valid not only the length but also the level to mid-calf and below.

In some cases (for example, Burberry and Calvin Klein) designers change and the familiar silhouette. This is achieved by the fact that the folded hem of her skirt and slightly more prisbarivaetsya. And this figure is even more reminiscent puzatenky tulip bud. And if the skirt is very long (today welcomed not only the length of the midi, but frankly maxi), the assembly may be two - at the bottom, at the hem, and somewhere at the level of the knee. Afford something like that can only holders of high thin figures, because otherwise you will be reminded melted snowman.

Bell skirt also well known to us (especially in childhood). Many girls love loving mother trick out precisely in such skirts. Their volume is achieved at the expense of the many tucks at the waist superfluous. Sometimes I add more lush and petticoats. Today, they are particularly good with small bolero jackets and dark opaque tights. From this arises a contrast - the lush romanticism of volume skirts with tights frank practicality. And be sure to add Old World classic pumps heels of medium length.

Tom Shulgin

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