Fashion from the cradle

 For any modern mom drawing clothes, furnishings of the room and the selection of various essential items for the baby turns into an exciting game: it is necessary not only to navigate the sea of ​​domestic and foreign manufacturers of products for the little ones, but also to develop a special sense of style, tells you how to dress crumbs extravagant, fresh and unlike, and surround it with very special things. This justifies itself: beautifully matched outfit and accessories little lady or gentleman not only set off the angelic appearance of the child, but also emphasize the good taste mommy. That is why always busy hiring celebrities for their heirs the best stylists and buyers.

Us mere mortals, it might be difficult to keep up with all the children's fashion trends, which is no less capricious and changeable than adults. But we can and should pay attention to the unique core values, children's IT-things, a review of which is a women's magazine JustLady.

The nicest - in your pocket

In recent years, slings - device-tissue sling infant carrier, known since ancient times, are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. There are several types of slings that are recommended for kids of all ages and suitable for different situations and seasons: Sling with rings, May-sling scarf. From the exotic, they almost become a staple item: my mother, going shopping with strapped to the body of the baby snuffling peacefully, almost do not pay attention.

ButSling pockets (Pouch sling) HotSlings consistently riveting admiring glances: "fault" to the stunning design of these slings are available in a single-sided or double-sided version. Bilateral HotSlings remarkable combination of two different colors that can be combined with mum different clothes - her or the baby.

Unilateral often made of a light fabric and is especially good for the warm season. HotSlings are made of a unique soft superelastic material extending in width and extending in length - it provides a secure fit and comfort baby parents. Sling-pocket most democratic and easy to Equip (it does not require regulation, coils) and takes up little space, placing folded even a handbag. The main thing - to choose the right size, which depends on the parameters of the mother.
Fashion from the cradle

And in his arms, and legs

American Religious Babylegs leggings are available in one size and actually fit and adults, but the child just does not want to share them. Choose one pair of diversity is constantly updated collection of these gaiters virtually impossible - buying one, people become fans Babylegs and accepted to buy them in large quantities. This simple piece toilet made of organic cotton is an essential and multifunctional: Babylegs warm and decorate the hands and feet, and boys and girls. They can be worn as a "sleeve" to a T-shirt or a "trouser" shorts, worn in the manner of a cold or mitts as practical stockings during toilet training. Babylegs not slide as pantyhose, and no need to remove and re-wear shoes to protect feet when suddenly the weather turned bad - just collect the gaiters in the ring and slip the shoe through it. Comfortable and stylish.
Fashion from the cradle

Changing table the size of a purse

System Wickelmax - invention known German company Hoppediz. According to legend, this comfortable and beautiful thing was invented by my mother, tired of bulky and incapacious Changing bags."Vikelmaks" - a small object such as cosmetics (measuring 25 by 20 cm), but containing in itself all that is needed to change a diaper.
Fashion from the cradle
"Beautician" in the blink of an eye opens and turns into a waterproof soft cloth (with three interchangeable flannel diapers) to which the sides strapped four roomy pockets - they can be folded napkins, changing diapers, medicines, cosmetics for children. With "Vikelmaksom" can cope with one hand - it closes with Velcro, and with a special loops "folding changing table" can be attached to the wheelchair, which he only decorate coloring.
Fashion from the cradle

For the first steps

Shoo Shoos - it's not only fun, but also soft and easy to wear shoes handmade from genuine leather. Shushuzy produced in South Africa, but those who grew up in the Soviet Union, they will learn much improved Gym shoes: These slippers are just practical, but much better look. They fit snugly to the leg of the child, not a recession, but not squeezing, and their soft leather sole allows the child to forget that he is shod. Shushuzy very cool take on a visit - first baby did not have to walk barefoot or in socks, and secondly - it's a great opportunity to show off! Collection replenished every season.
Shoo Shoos
Fashion from the cradle

Still other children's IT-shoes called Crocs and loved all over the world, especially in the US, Europe and Israel, where a pair of sandals Crocs, and sometimes more than one, be sure to have each family member. Crocs almost as convenient as ugly: they resemble medieval wooden shoes, but with holes and colorful. But walk in them a pleasure: Crocs take the form of the foot, very light and waterproof - they are made of antimicrobial synthetic material, which is a cross between plastic and rubber, so put them on the kid at the beach or in the pool is a good idea. Recently went on sale of new species - Crocs Mammouth c fur tab. These Crocs can be worn not only on the street in the offseason as an alternative or a rubber membrane boots, but at home as cozy slippers. Nice addition to Crocs - funny clips Jibbitz, is inserted into the holes in the notorious sandals. With their help, you can give the Crocs brand individual character or to express mood.
Fashion from the cradle

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