Choose clothes for the type of figure

Choose clothes for the type of figure
 Properly chosen clothes will not only help hide figure flaws, but also to make it attractive. Only need to spend a little time to determine your type of shape and reflect on a new wardrobe.

Owners of figures like "hourglass" - the lucky who can not think for a long time over the choice of clothes. They are almost all - in fact the width of their shoulders and hips the same. Make a perfect figure will lack in the wardrobe multilayer, shapeless, baggy things.

Women with this type of shape is very go: blouses simple cut, with the smell and patch pockets; straight skirts and tailored on the bias and of the wedges; any models of trousers; Dress with a smell, an oblique cut at the waist.

Fabric: light and medium texture, linen, silk, jersey and cotton. Drawing - any.


Women with this type of figure the upper part of the lower body looks less - because the shoulders are narrower than the thigh. Thus, the problem arises to emphasize the chest, and divert attention from the hips. To achieve this effect, refrain from tight blouses, tops with straps around the neck, skirts and pants with pockets. Must-have accessory - a shawl or scarf.

Women with type Triangle go: double-breasted short jackets; colorful and multi-layered blouses; long skirts of the figure; -colored pants, preferably flared; dress with a high waist and bias cut.

Fabrics for the lower half of the body are preferred light and medium texture: silk, jersey, jersey. Figures: any, except vertical stripes.

For upper body suit fabric medium and heavy texture: wool, zhatye and bulking materials. Colors - just plain.

"Inverted Triangle"

With this type of figure shoulders wider hips. Objective: To emphasize the dignity of the thighs and buttocks, and visually reduce the shoulders. So - do not wear blouses and dresses, decorated with ruffles and frills at the top, avoid bias cut and pleats at the waist.

Women of this type will: form-fitting jackets with lapels and cuffs pronounced angle; blouses simple cut, unadorned and assemblies; extended downwards whether pleated skirts to the knee; pants with high belt; straight cut dresses and dress-shirt.

Fabric tight and dense texture: linen, cotton, satin, wool. Preferred geometric figures, with above and below the waist.


The characteristic features of this type of figure - not very pronounced waist and hips the same width and shoulders. Therefore it is necessary to emphasize the breasts and hips and waist add definition. To achieve this, you should not wear tight clothes, frills, ruffles, belts and get involved in a large number of darts.

Women of this type go: straight cut jackets; colorful blouses, straight skirts - pleated, with the smell or wedges; pants on kuliske or without a belt; dress-shirt.

Choose fabric texture and subtle: linen, cotton, satin, silk. Drawings - geometric, pots and fantasy.


In the figure of this type is present tummy. In this regard, it is desirable to visually draw the figure, so it is necessary to focus on the area above the chest and below the hips. This will help to accessories and clothing, which allows you to cut things hang from the shoulders. In the abdomen should not have any parts that attract the attention.

Women with type figure "circle" will: direct and cardigans with V-neck; simple cut blouse with a V-neck; skirt without a belt, flared or straight; trapeze dress.

Fabrics are desirable soft texture, allowing us to make draperies: linen, cotton, silk, jersey. Drawings - all but a fuzzy shape.

Especially given the correct figure, you can make it sexy and attractive.

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