10 secrets of stylish image

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 Fashion trends - ephemeral butterflies in the world fashion industry. Keep right for all is practically impossible. After all, only a few have the opportunity to have a fully updated wardrobe every season. Stylish image - not the result of mindless pursuit of fashion, and the ability to choose and combine harmoniously clothes.

Get rid of the excess. If the cabinet was breaking from clothes to wear but still nothing - audited. The fact that you have not worn in the past few months, should be postponed. So did those things that are completely out of fashion or lost marketability. Leave only the clothes that feel comfortable.

Customize for themselves. Not always vending dress sits perfectly on a figure and emphasizes her dignity. Of course, it is better to avoid such acquisitions, but ignore liked things is simply impossible. Can be remedied in a good studio, where you not only perfect will adjust the length, but also help to correct silhouette.

Start with the base. At the heart of the wardrobe is a classic: the little black dress, pencil skirt, classic pants and straight blue jeans. Be sure to come in handy waisted white blouse and cardigan neutral color. It is not necessary to save money on these things - because thanks to them you can always look stunning.

Combine with taste. Do not abuse experimenting with patterns and textures, combining peas with stripe, floral motifs with fashionable "Paisley", chiffon velvet. All of this looks great on the catwalk, but not always appropriate in real life. Remember, in the image should be only one accent.

Carefully chosen accessories will add "flavor" even the most mediocre along. Bright scarf, a string of pearls or a beautiful bracelet complete image and help to emphasize the dignity of the figure. However, in jewelry worth knowing moderation.

Proper shoes - this is important. If you do not know and do not like to walk on his heels, then do not need to torture yourself, hobbling on a 12-inch stilettos. It is better to pick up on a thick pair of heels or wedges sustainable. In addition, it is worth to buy leather ballet flats or loafers, which are suitable for walking and shopping. It is desirable that the shoes were black or flesh-colored and is suitable for any outfit.

You should not try to follow any and all fresh fashion trends. Choose only what comes to you, without regard to the advice of fashion magazines. If trendy style does not suit your body type, you should not throw good money after bad.

Carefully consider your purchases. Try to keep each new thing combined with the fact that there is already in your wardrobe. Otherwise avoid more and more spending. From a financial point of view, the best time for shopping - periods of high sales. Usually they are in the middle of summer and before the New Year.

However, if any thing fuse your soul, you should treat yourself. Of course, first of all it must meet the requirements of the style: a good fit for you and hide flaws. Wait a week if after 7 days, you will still dream of buying, do not spare money.

And finally, the most important thing. Nothing adorns a woman as her smile. Let it become your trademark!

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