10 rules of good taste

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 Good taste - this is not a quality that the person has with the birth. He is brought up, we need only give this enough attention. To dress tastefully and recognize bad taste in all phenomena of the world, you need to follow a few rules.

1. Do not run after quantity. No wonder the quality and quantity are considered to be two opposing categories. It is better to buy some quality shoes that will last you a few years than every year to buy a cheap pair that barely manages to convey, as their noses to the end of the season is already beginning to "ask for porridge."

2. The quality above all else. Very young girls can afford to wear cheap things as youth and beauty - the best decoration, and they themselves yet, probably will not earn your wardrobe. But a grown woman should always look perfectly, preferring quality made things made of natural materials.

3. No need to blindly follow fashion. Fashion trends - then, they are trends that now fly through the streets and alleys, and tomorrow vanish into thin air. Not all fashionable clothes fit any people. First of all, consider the self-esteem, and if they are not fashion emphasizes that it is her breath and can be skipped.

4. Classic at all times. If in some case you do not know what to wear, then wear something classic. It is a way that does not allow you to fall face in the dirt or stumble on the slippery slope of fashion.

5. Color. Very often you can meet people on the clothing that does not fit a wide range of colors. More like they gathered mask among tropical birds, but even they are known for their bright coloring and a little more restrained. If you are not sure of your taste, choose color combinations, time-tested.

6. Underwear. Purchase only really high quality and beautiful clothes. Even if it is not visible under clothing, know about it yourself. It is impossible to feel like a queen when worn under trousers put on tights.

7. Only good shoes. Sometimes you can save a little on clothes, but shoes must always be of high quality. That's it, most people form an opinion about the image of man, and that some people shoes most neglected. Not necessarily spend it polzarplaty, quality shoes can be bought very cheaply, if not chase brands.

8. Fragrance. Perfume - this is an indicator that a woman is serious about his style. You may prefer a certain flavor of life, or to change it depending on my mood, but have their spirits are very important. They must be real and not fake.

9. Everything must be harmonious. Pick clothes according to where you are going in it. Come in sneakers to the theater or to walk around desyatisantimetrovyh heels on the fresh grass - it is not just inappropriate, but sometimes even traumatic.

10. Do not try to be someone else. Pick up the clothes so that it highlights your skills, become an extension of your character. Then the integrity of the image and created tasteful wardrobe will allow you to really look great.

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