Warm luxury: the history of fur coats

Warm luxury: the history of fur coats
 History coat has many years: from almost raw hides cavemen to present contemporary models. Furs valued not only in the harsh climate, but in warmer climates.
 Back in the days of cave fur warmed people, the best hunters wore the skins of wild-caught animals. In the first century Roman legionaries decorated helmets and clothing skins of bears and lions, because they believed in the magical power.

Sable - the pride of Russian furriers - was always in Russia symbol of luxury and wealth. In imperial times the price of sable fur coats were incredibly high. For the money you could buy a house, paid tribute to the fur. Sables depicted on the coat of arms and other attributes of heraldry.

Were the first to cut the clothes from the skins of the Celts and Germans in Western Europe, by matching their fur outside. In Slavic languages, including Russian, the word "coat" came from German - "Schaub", which, in turn, goes back to the Arabic "friendship" (the so-called loose clothes with sleeves). In Russia could not wear fur coats fur outside because of superstition, like only allows for the Christmas festivities.

Later, when the peasants in the old wrapped in a sheepskin, nobles wore the robe of brocade, velvet, inciting their fur. Legislators fur fashion became prospectors gold mines and traveling merchants. The ladies began to wear fur coats smooth, confining their fluffy collar and cuffs. Already in the XIX century with the fur trade fairs from Siberia and America began to come to Moscow and St. Petersburg ladies in long luxurious fur coats fur outside. In 1914 came into fashion products ermine.

On the development of fur fashion influenced the appearance of a car - a walk in the open cars require warm chic clothing. In vogue long-haired fur - raccoon and opossum. Fox fur coat made popular Hollywood. First appeared in a fur coat Marlene Dietrich, then - Marilyn Monroe.

In Russia, the wife of senior government officials and politicians wore elegant astrakhan coat. It was fashionable and expensive. Sewed then only classic products, black and gray. By the end of the twentieth century they were already all the women: who mink on the floor who rabbit fur jacket who expensive chinchilla who sheepskin. Furs were many, but the choice of original products remained small. Over time, the designers working with fur, fur began to try to make thing easier and more convenient to combine different textures. Now their fur can make everything - from the jacket to dresses and shoes.

Coats help express emotions, not accidentally choose phlegmatic fur with a long nap, such as raccoons, foxes, because they are, according to psychologists, give a powerful boost of energy. Impetuous and passionate wear a short-sable, chinchilla that soothe their respective owners. Fur Pets (astrakhan, sheepskin, rabbit) are more suitable for closed and half-hearted people. Such fur carry a positive charge, have protective properties and are suitable for children and the elderly.

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