Wardrobe in white

Wardrobe in white
 White - the color of innocence, purity, snow and sugar. Every woman has a wardrobe of things white. But sometimes you want to dress from head to toe in white ... About what we must remember and what to consider when you choose white as the base color of your dress?

Of course, a woman in a white eye-catching: such clothing emphasizes the benefit your tan, apart from the crowd, uplifting. Along with the black base color is a wardrobe, but dress that consists entirely of white things - a challenge and a surefire way to attract attention. Here are some features that you need to know if you have decided that your summer color - white.

White color fills. It is best to stress so those body parts that should appear visually bigger. If you want to "reduce" the chest or waist, it is better to wear black. The alternation of these two colors will create the effect of an ideal figure. You can emphasize the waist thin black belt. White shoes and pull the leg, for this reason, you can appear lower than it actually is.

Things will get dirty faster. Alas, Mark White does not allow you to go a few days in the same suit. Wash more often and have a special powder. It should be noted, even white has its own nuances, so I just can not do white.

Have to change clothes. Colored bras and panties are visible through the white dresses, skirts and pants, without underwear, too, do not be.

Particular attention should be paid to cosmetics. On the white traces remain of foundation, lipstick shades, so you should carefully applied cosmetics. Also need to consider what deodorant and perfume, you can use: do not allow the appearance of damp spots.

The heat will pass you side. White color perfectly reflects sunlight, so in July afternoon you will not be hot. It has long been the peoples of the south chose this color as the main because of the warmer climate.

Consider the format of the event, where you put on a white dress. You should not wear such clothes to the wedding, as the bride of "Lost": the day of its prerogative to shine in a dress the color snowdrop or tea rose. You can not wear a white suit and the funeral (of course, if you are not in India, where tradition dictates that way to accompany the deceased). Perhaps somewhat extravagant white suit will look at a business interview or parent meeting. In addition, irrational to dress in the offseason: climate middle band does not allow to wear bright colors all year round.

If you decide to buy, and the white stuff, be resolute and unwavering: the color of the outstanding personalities!

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