Vintage and Retro

Vintage and Retro
 Some people may confuse the concept of "vintage" and "retro", because the meaning of these words is really very close. Both words refer to things that were in vogue in the past, but the two still have some differences.
 The word "vintage" is borrowed from the French language, and its first meaning "wine aging". If we consider the term with respect to fashion, it's stylized direction, based on the revival of past eras of fashion.

Under the vintage is generally understood exactly original thing that was fashionable in the past. Its age must be at least 30 years, in addition, it must be meaningful, noticeable for its era. You can also say that she had once been one of the symbols of the past years. For example, to include vintage colored tights, pumps, large plastic glasses and many other elements of disco. But they will all be considered truly vintage, if they were released many years ago, not recently made the old templates.

Retro (from the Latin "back"), as opposed to the word "vintage" - a rather abstract term for ancient or modern things, stylized antique. From the definition should be one of the main differences between the two concepts under consideration: to vintage, in contrast to the retro, include only the really old stuff.

Furthermore, retro - broader concept that includes vintage as one of the constituent elements. This term denotes a style and vintage - is, basically, only the state of a particular thing.

The concept of "vintage" usually refers to clothing or some accessories. In contrast, refers to all the old retro or stylized it, up to the signs, which simulates the pre-revolutionary spelling and fonts ("TRAKTIR", etc.).

The concept of "vintage" can be defined as one of the turns of fashion: what was fashionable many years ago, is back. Things in retro style need not be fashionable at the moment, their value is not the case.

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