Underwear for women - the subtleties of choice

Underwear for women - the subtleties of choice
 Underwear is the part of a woman's wardrobe, which is necessary to choose carefully, because a bad choice can not only emphasize the figure flaws, but also cause a variety of illnesses.
 Thinking over the choice of the most appropriate underwear models, be aware that it can be a daily and evening. And as for walking the dog in the park Ball Gown clearly not the best choice, as well as for everyday socks should not buy refined lingerie made from synthetic materials. The most successful option for everyday underwear is made from 100% cotton, since this material is not only pleasing to the skin, but does not cause allergic reactions. No less practical and silk, but because it is considered "cold" material, it is best to wear silk underwear in the summer. However, acceptable for each day of the selected product of natural materials sewn with the addition of elastic yarns, for example Lycra or rayon (but the percentage of synthetic fibers, of course, should not exceed 40%).

Sometimes a girl wants to buy a model because she looks very nice on the mannequin. However, pre-still worth a close look at this laundry. So, for example, if you picked up the panties, note that the edges of the joints was not a peeping thread or rubber bands. If there are lace - spend them with the back of the hand. If they even lightly scratch the skin, it is necessary to abandon such a purchase, such as linen will rub the delicate skin. Also pay attention to the fact whether the panties inside cotton lining.

When choosing a bra is very important to be able to choose the right style depending on the size of the bust. So, for example, owners of magnificent forms should give preference to models that have a wide side, tight box that connects cups and wide straps. It would also be nice to have the selected model were bones. It is tempting to look ladies with large breasts when they are put on the so-called Wonderbra - bras that bring one breast to the other and at the same time lift them. If you are not the owner of magnificent physique, then your choice should be a bra with silicone or foam inserts or model is decorated with drapery.

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