The principles of creating a basic wardrobe

The principles of creating a basic wardrobe
 "Closet full of things and nothing to wear": banal women's issue, which became the subject of hundreds of jokes. Meanwhile, such a situation in real life quite often. To avoid shelves loaded with clothes that never worn, it is necessary to make a basic wardrobe. He would be the basis for future stylistic experiments.

The main principles that should guide: each basic thing is to sit perfectly and completely go to you. Next, you should pay attention to the fact that all subjects were combined with each other and were several options to exit.

Start by choosing "down". Purchase of the classic straight jeans dark blue denim, without bright seams scuffs and fancy decor. One thing that will be enough to create dozens of images completely different stylistic direction. Of course, confined to jeans is not necessary.

If you have a good figure, buy a skirt-case up to the middle of the knee and pants made of thick fabric, the bottom of the legs which should reach the heel.

Do not forget about the little black dress. However, in this case, be especially careful to cut and texture of fabric. Do not choose too boring option. Let it be a dress sewn on the bias or trimmed drapery. If the decor is modest, this thing would still be "out of style".

The basic wardrobe should be a white shirt, sweatshirt, two (light and dark) and high-quality warm sweater in pastel shades. Complement any way fitted jacket that can be worn unbuttoned, buttoned and wear a belt or strap top.

As outerwear perfect classic English trench, which would be relevant in any combination.

Footwear and most necessary accessories also belong to the basic wardrobe. Boat black and beige bag of dark and light shades, leather belt - without it you can not do the minimum.

These are things you can buy from year to year, changing only the nuances. It was only formed in the presence of a basic wardrobe you can use your imagination and the imagination. Pick bright scarves and belts, costume jewelery, combine the basic thing with any original that reflects your mood.

Basic wardrobe can be compared with the background on which you will write a "picture" of your style. Classic and perfectly combined with each other things help out in any situation, and especially - when you doubt the appropriateness of a particular dress. However, for the basic wardrobe avoid platitudes and boring solutions. After all, even the background can be bright and memorable.

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