The history of wedding fashion

The history of wedding fashion
 Fashion clothes and accessories is changing very rapidly. However, there is an area characterized by constancy and even conservative - a wedding dress. Today, as a hundred years ago, brides wear white dresses and grooms try on strict dark suits. However, no change in this area, too, can not do - from ancient times European wedding fashion has changed significantly.  
 In ancient Rome, the groom dressed in white. Front tunic trimmed with gold or red border complements gilded wreath. The bride looked very modest - it ought to wrap up in multiple blankets of fine wool and flax, and not to show their beauty.

The Renaissance brought into fashion colorful wedding dresses - red, yellow, orange. Garments are richly embroidered with gold and lace. Men's Suit for brightness and richness of finish is not inferior to women. Along with bright fabrics in demand and black - gorgeous black dress, embroidered with silver, and could put the bride and groom.

Wedding dress XVII-XVIII century literally drowning in lace. Bodices particularly elegant dresses decorated with luxurious shemizetkami of Bruges, Blondie and Alençon, and wide skirts sewn lace ruffles. Men's suits decorated lace collar and cuffs. Shades of wedding dresses were selected randomly - but bright and dark colors in vogue pastel range.

It is believed that the white wedding dress brought into fashion the British Queen Victoria, wearing a crisp white dress for her own wedding. Since then, the bride wore only white. Wedding dresses XIX century differed exclusive chastity - they had a high collar, long sleeves and an indispensable train. Neckline absent, hands tightened into gloves. Dresses were made of thin, well-draped fabrics - silk or satin, less affluent bride contented muslin and semi mother. As headdress bride wore a wreath of orange blossom - a symbol of youth and innocence. Attached to it a long veil of lace, veils or gas.

XIX century was marked by upheaval and in the men's wedding fashion. In the first quarter of a century brides could afford fancy colored coats. But in the 30 years they were replaced by elegant black coat. By the end of the century a strict black suit with a white shirt, vest and tie, has become the only possible outfit for the groom.

Bride of the first half of the XX century were a little shorter wedding dresses, little different from the models of the past century. The turning point came in the early 50s. In fashion style became New bow - sun-skirts, plunging necklines, tight sleeves and tighten the waist. Wedding fashion quickly adopted the new model. Curvy dresses complemented transparent, gorgeously prisborennoe veil and short gloves. Orange blossom replaced by single small artificial flowers or a tiara.

60s entered the fashion wedding dresses from mini-dense, well keep the shape of tissues - zhatogo silk, taffeta, thick cotton. Fashion magazines recommended buying patterns that the bride will wear after the wedding - for example, putting them at a party. Instead veils offer small-cap tablets with a veil, lace hoods or just flowers pinned to her hair.

By 2000 the most popular wedding dress has become a model with lush multi-layered skirt and bodice open-gang. After numerous experiments with color, at the peak of popularity were two shades - white and pure shade of ivory (ivory). Headgear amazing variety - as minimalist bride wear a hat and veil luxurious vintage style. However, avant-garde outfits also no surprise - and the bride and groom can neglect the rules of etiquette and dress in hippie characters of the XIX century, or cartoon characters.

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