Style "military"

Style "military"
 Military - style clothes with military elements, combines aggression, sexuality tone and ease of use. Despite the fact that the military clothing was originally intended for men, fashion has done its job and now in this style are very feminine costumes.  

Colors in military style - khaki, beige, brown, green. Silhouette can be different - hard, straight lines jackets, baggy pants, tight T-shirts.

Occupy a special place details - pockets, metal buttons, imitation chase. Thus it is possible to decorate dresses, blouses - women's clothing purely traditional style.

Military elements are also stand-up collars, belts, padded shoulders.

Women's jackets and coats in military style give seriousness, respectability. If you have a jacket with epaulets, fringe, or decorated with metal buttons, pick-colored shirts or blouses unadorned, plain, so as not to overload the image of decorative details. Shoes for such a suit is chosen carefully, it should not be rude. On the contrary, its form must be accurate, encouraged a high heel. In order to maintain the style, you can choose the model, decorated, such as lacing.

In contrast, the military deliberately careless youth. T-shirts and camouflage jackets, wide trousers on the hips with a lot of pockets - is clothing for an active life, hiking and sports. Often with dress wear heavy boots with laces, thick embossed soles.

It seems that there is no place for femininity. However, it is not. Girls emphasize tenderness variety of accessories - delicate chains, which can be worn several pieces, bracelets, rings, handbags.

Today's military style trends are becoming more focused on women's fashion. Silhouettes are softened, add ethnic elements, fabrics are lighter, appear golden hues. The cut emphasizes the female form, used corsets, scarves. In fact, such clothing is not necessarily wear bundled with other things military style, and can be combined with a sporty, casual, and even the office.

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