Slim wardrobe full ladies

Slim wardrobe full ladies
 To be slimmer, women today have resorted to a variety of techniques and tricks. Properly chosen clothes - is another way to get rid of (at least visually) from the shortcomings of the figure and draw attention to the undoubted advantages.
 Wanting to find the right clothes for the fuller figure to prefer dark colors, but dark - not to dark. This can be clothing blue, purple, dark green, brown and, of course, black.

Choose dresses with medium-sized vegetable or geometric patterns. This figure gives harmony full figure, as well as the rather narrow vertical strips.

Fabrics should be soft, flowing, they will not add you volume. Just choose clothes so that she beautifully fitting, and not stretched across. And give up the shiny fabrics in favor of the matte.

Use halftone effect - the transition from light to dark figure models. Attention focuses on the top of the figure, and hip look slimmer.

Shirts, blouses, sweaters, even better to choose a cut. The delicate attached to the upper part of the figure V-neck. He not only lengthen the neck, but also make sleeker and slimmer entire figure.

Choose things classical style. Simple and elegant, devoid of additional elements (such as flounces, frills, broad folds). They will give you harmony, relieve figure from massive pieces of clothing. Well look shallow cuts on skirts - they do visually lighter full lady.

Without pants can not do more than one female wardrobe. For "pyshechek" best choice would be free, slightly flared from the hip pants (this will help you hide the flaws in the hips). The arrow on the classical model is made more slender legs. To give extra length legs, choose those models that cover the shoes. Jeans must also be stitched with dark denim and have a straight cut.

Short, fitted jacket with zipper on one button, accentuate the waist. Fabrics for it is better to choose dense, such as tweed or wool crepe, and the jacket length to mid-thigh hide overweight waist.

For full hips good option is flared skirt, especially models that extend from the hip.

Fashionable now tunic with high waistline perfectly hide chubby belly, full hips. Wear it with dark blue jeans or classic black trousers.

And from T-shirts to the straps should be abandoned. Buy a T-shirt with short sleeves, which will increase the visual shoulders and balances ample bosom.

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