Proper care of the coat of fur

Proper care of the coat of fur
 Our climate is so severe that a woman is difficult to imagine winter without beautiful and stylish coat. But fur - is expensive. Having bought myself a beautiful coat, it is necessary from the first day to take care of it properly so that it retains the form and served as long as possible.
 Coat of fur (Mouton, mink, astrakhan, nutria) suffers from various weather rain, which so often during the cold season - snow, sleet and even just rain. Therefore, going into their homes, just shake the coat from moisture and hang it on a hanger to dry. This should be well ventilated room. In no case do not dry fur on the battery or over an open fire. He very soon deteriorate.

Then comb the fur against the pile. It is better to have a special comb with a few thick and blunt teeth. When it comes to astrakhan (or karakulcha), just smooth curls hand.

If you are traveling by car often, it is best to stay on a short coat. Long you will stop to operate the machine, besides, you will be constantly dirty and dry fur seat.

Fur perfectly absorbs odors, so do not get up close to the exhaust pipe, about smokers or other sources of noxious fumes. Bags on a long strap, which are usually worn on the shoulder, best left to another time of year. From such a manner to carry the bag on the fur formed bald spots.

Sew a button close to the fur can not, be sure to leave the "legs" of a few millimeters. To do this, enclose between the button and a piece of fur skin.

Grease stains from the surface coats can be removed with a cloth moistened by a mixture of detergent and gasoline. If the fur is somewhat yellowed, then lubricate it with the tips of the composition of the water, hydrogen peroxide and ammonia.

At the time of storing coats need to take special precautions. Be sure to hang it on a wooden hanger and pack in a bag made of cloth. In no case of polyethylene, it may cause fungus. For light coats choose dark fabric, so you can avoid the darkening of fur.

Do not hang anything close to the coat, so as not to trample the villi. Be sure to put in a cupboard moth proofing, or the season of the coat will only rot. During the summer a few times to shake up fur, ventilate it to light, but not in the sun. Little "beat" a fur coat from the wrong side, so you get rid of dust, moth larvae.

Shuba requires care, but it also appreciates it and: will give you a great look for a long time.

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