Pin-up style and his fans

Pin-up style and his fans
 Feminine form is always appreciated, no matter how opposed this modern fashion. PIN-up - it's just a victory appetizing erotic forms, demonstration of the attractiveness of the female body. Supporters style pin-up are women all over the world.
 This style of dress is characterized by a passion for feminine dresses with fluffy skirts, colorings or large polka dot flower, a classic "boat", high hair and makeup in the spirit of retro. Marilyn Monroe - a classic representative of this style. No wonder its popularity does not fade even in our time.

The term pin up came from the English language and means "pin, prishpilivat." It is generally believed that this is a button that pinned posters painted on them beautiful, sexy clothed girls. Although according to another version in the name of the style to blame women's studs. After all, to create a high hairdos without them you will not manage.

Distinguish vintage pin-up - when things are original thirties and fifties. And retro - when the new clothes, but stylized fashion trends that time.

Fans of this style prefer dresses and skirts cut sun-flared. For him, selected soft flowing fabrics (silk, chiffon, satin, soft wool, knitted fabric) that are easy to drape. Length hem usually opens legs - to the knee or even higher.

Fans must-have accessory style pin-up are wide belts or corsets. They are tightly tightening the waist, highlighting the stark contrast between harmony and splendor mill skirts. Choose dark-colored belt, waist so it will seem even longer.

Fashionable piece pin-up image are short tight shorts, and always with a high waist. These shorts are both shirts, tie a knot in the stomach (Rita Hayworth in spirit), as well as with corsets. Shorts sewn from satin or stretch fabrics, so they are well-fitting shape. They can also be supplemented with openwork golf and high heels.

Can not do fans of this style, and without stockings, preferably with arrows. They can be both classic and the grid, which is particularly popular today.

Of accessories for this style is characterized by large colorful ornaments, bows and artificial flowers in their hair and clothes.

This style is bright, catchy, but very feminine, like no other suitable for women who love and know how to make an impression on men!

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