Kristen Stewart: jeans against Dresses

Kristen Stewart: jeans against Dresses
 Kristen Stewart - star of the vampire saga "Twilight" - one of the most talked about actresses in Hollywood. The subject of discussion are not only excellent quality and a brilliant actor Kristen game, but also fashionable style of dress that actress boldly shows on the red carpet.
 The love story of an ordinary girl and a vampire discovered Hollywood actress Kristen Stewart is not only the way to success, but made her the subject of imitation for a huge number of young people and teenagers.

Pose on the red carpet Kristen Stewart does not like. But appearing on it in any outfit, Kristen has always attracted attention of film critics and connoisseurs of fashion. Courage and sometimes careless style of a young actress, she is so easy to demonstrate, raise a lot of controversy among fans and fashion critics. With the win in her wardrobe: jeans or dress? Who is she - naughty teenager or a Hollywood film star?

The very sincere Kristen says of himself as an ordinary American girl, and because of its preference in clothes and simple.

Indeed, there was a time when she appeared at social events, dressed in grunge style - in faded jeans "skinny" or scruffy "conversion", plaid shirt or conventional T-shirts, sneakers or boots rough. Many critics have accused the young star in the absence of a sense of style and taste, and that her wardrobe consists only of the stretched sweaters, jeans and a huge number of sneakers. In Mexico, for the premiere of the second part of "Twilight", she was tucked light conversion, black jacket and shiny shoes.

The fact that the 21-year-old actress has its own individual style in the manner of dress, it was observed a few years ago. A look at the most fashionable Kristen Stewart is changing along with her roles in cinema. She was a 12-year-old when she played her first major role in the movie "Panic Room" with Jodie Foster. At the premiere of young Kristen came dressed in black jeans, jacket and shoes were in one color. Over time, her style is somewhat transformed, became more feminine and softer. Favorited young actress is still black, but appeared in large numbers and dresses - exclusive designer masterpieces of various fashion houses. Kristen loves ultrashort mini, which is beneficial demonstrates her beautiful long legs. In their dresses she boldly experimenting with slim silhouette and different neckline, emphasizing individuality and originality actress. In any outfit she looks fresh, natural and stylish. 

One of her favorite designers Jimmy Choo says that the actress its approach to the selection of clothing breaks all the stereotypes. Her wardrobe presented along from various fashion houses and designers: Christian Louboutin, J. Mendel, Balmain, Jimmy Choo, Brian Atwood, Marios Schwab, Monique Lhuillier, Mulberry, Oscar de la Renta.

Fan of the actress, designer Gilles Mendel fashion house, says Kristen Stewart a great actress who knows how to create a mood in the clothing and can excite even just wearing a dress.

The screen actress usually laconic, outwardly calm, but in the clothes she shows her uncontrollably, emotion and freedom.

In Los Angeles, the world premiere of the film "Twilight. Breaking Dawn, "Kristen Stewart appeared in an elegant floor-length purple dress with sequins and high cut, is laid bare foot and in open shoes by Jimmy Choo. This outfit created a furor among fans of the star. And some time later at the premiere in London, where she appeared in a completely different way of selecting outfit from the collection Spring 2012 Roberto Cavalli, a form-fitting black dress to the floor, forced to talk about the actress as a real Hollywood divas.

The actress is still very young to talk about it as a trendsetter, but its individual and unique style is manifested in a teenage girl who lives in the neighborhood and a Hollywood star, wearing haute couture.

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